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London is a location which appears in World of Winx.


London is a large city located in England, in the United Kingdom, a country located in Europe, on Earth.


Known Inhabitants

World of Winx


WOW9 (Deceiving Lorelei)

London first appears in "Shattered Dreams", when the Winx are in search for the new talent.

When arriving in London, the Winx convince Lorelei to search a talent on her own, allowing Bloom to regroup with the them once the camera are out following Lorelei.

WOW9 (Reunion!)

Soon, after reaching Madelyne's mansion, the Winx start a plan in order to help Madelyne's dream come true.

WOW2-1 (Wendy and Her Kids)

In "Neverland", London is seen as the Winx goes in search for Wendy Darling. When arriving in Wendy's orphanage, they are informed that she is not at home. Bloom suggest the Winx split up and search around the city, and finds Wendy in an alley surrounded by Shadow Creatures. After Bloom defeats the monsters she lost sight of Wendy that goes to Kensington Park.

WOW2-1 (Shadow Swarm)

In Kensington Park, Wendy walks with her children near a statue that resembles Peter Pan, but the children are found by the Shadow Creatures that took shape of bunnies, cornering them in a bridge. The children are saved in time by the Winx.

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