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Looma is a fairy who attends Alfea. Her first and only appearance is in "Winx Club".


Looma has brown hair, fair skin, and green eyes. Looma's hair is kept in a bun with two braids in the front. She is seen wearing a pink corset-type jacket atop a pink midriff shirt with long sleeves along with a blue gem necklace. She wears long black pants with pink fabric flaring out the end of them. She wears beige sneakers.


She has shown to be a pleasant person, offering Bloom more outfits if she brings her some cool objects to work with or trades her gems. She is cheerful and passionate about fashion.


Winx Club

Looma firsts asks Bloom to locate her scissors that she lost when roaming around Alfea. For this, she offers to make Bloom a dress for the upcoming ball. After her scissors are returned to her, she makes Bloom the dress she promised, and is able to make Bloom more outfits if she brings her cool inspirational items or gives her gems.

Magical Abilities

Looma may know some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. She has been shown levitating and manipulating small objects.


  • Her name is derived from the word "loom": an apparatus for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread.
  • She is the only minor fairy to have a cut-scene in the PC version of the game.
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