Lorelle is a character exclusive to the Winx Club Comic Series. She is the a lady-in-waiting to Queen Electra of the Kingdom of Thordal and is an old friend of Flora.


Lorelle is a young lady with a slim build, light skin tone, sky blue eyes and bright auburn hair with a few gold ones mixed in. Her hair is very long as it still manages to flow down to her waist despite being tied up in a large bun by braids and done up in large curls. The longest bits of gold hairs also cascade down the sides of her face and reach her waist.

For her attire, Lorelle wears a flowing dress that is separated by clashing colors; the top is scarlet red in color with lighter orange accents and sleeves while the skirt is the same shade of blue as her eyes with more cerulean accents. The dress is so long that it trails slightly behind her as she walks and her feet are almost always covered, making her shoes barely visible if at all.


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