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==Transformation Sequences==
==Transformation Sequences==
[[File:Winx Club Lovix|thumb|left|300px]]{{Terms}}
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[[Category:Winx Club]]
[[Category:Winx Club]]
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[[Category:Season 4]]

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Lovix is a sub-transformation of Believix and the second Gift of Destiny, giving the girls power of ice. Roxy is not included in this transformation either because she does not have Believix or because she has an incomplete Believix.


Lovix consists of wintery versions of their Believix outfits, with the clothing covering more skin and outlined in fur-like fabrics. The wings are jeweled, have no designs or sparkles, and glow around the edges. When the Winx and Roxy were trapped in the Major Fairy of the North Aurora's palace, the Winx were in Lovix form and protected from the cold, as demonstrated when Roxy began to freeze to death because she did not have a Lovix. The glow on the wings are presumably what keeps them away from the cold.

Magical Abilities

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  • The name Lovix comes from the word "love", since Lovix is the Gift of Heart.

Transformation Sequences

File:Winx Club Lovix


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