The Winx Lovix is a sub-transformation of Believix. It is the Second Gift of Destiny and gives the girls ice powers. Roxy is not included in this transformation, likely due to her thumb|right|250pxBelievix not being complete.


Each Winx sets with her Believix, and shouts Winx Lovix and then she yells the type of power she is holding.


Everyone has wintery clothes with fur that is similar to their Believix clothes. The Wings are jeweled and are less detailed then the Believix wings. When the Winx and Roxy were trappped in Aurora, the Major North Fairy's cave, the Winx were in Lovix form. As Aurora's cave was freezing cold, Roxy passed out due to the lack of warmth, and what Tecna said about her 'body temperature detoriating rapidly'. As Roxy does not have the Lovix form in her Believix most likely because her Believix was not complete, it is believed that the power of the Lovix can also be used to help keep warm in colder regions, also due to the fact that the Lovix clothes have fur and looked more prepared for snowy winters.


Bloom: Fiamma di Ghiaccio (Ice Flame)

Musa: Melodia della Neve (Snow's Melody)

Flora: Natura Indomabile (Untamable Nature)

Stella: Luce di Cristallo (Crystal Light)

Tecna: Respiro del Gelo (Chill Breath)

Layla: Raggio di Grandine (Hail Rain)

Note: In the Cinelume dub, Layla's attack was "Hail Rain." "Raggio" actually means "ray" or "beam.."


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