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Lovix, or the Gift of Heart, is a sub-transformation of Believix and is the second gift of the Gifts of Destiny, giving the girls power of ice.


Lovix is the Gift of Heart and allows the user enough courage to face a great danger and to protect themselves from the cold.


Lovix consists of wintery versions of their Believix outfits, with the clothing covering more skin and outlined in fur-like fabrics. The wings are jeweled, have no designs or sparkles, and glow around the edges.

Magical Abilities

When the Winx and Roxy were trapped in the Major Fairy of the North Aurora's Frost Tower, the Winx were in Lovix form and protected from the cold, as demonstrated when Roxy began to freeze to death because she did not have Lovix. The glow on the wings are presumably what keeps them away from the cold.

Although the transformation is based on ice, its powers do not have too much of impact or change to a fairy's powers as it only temporarily implementing ice and cold based abilities in addition to a fairy's original powers. This implementation can be demonstrated by Flora's and Stella's Lovix powers. For example, Flora's magic is drawn from nature and most often expressed in a green color, however, in Lovix, the vines she used exhibited an icy color. As for Stella, the icy color is mixed in with her bright-yellow color when she uses her Lovix spell.

Bloom is the only person who demonstrated the use of ice based powers, which is seen in her spells: Ice Wall, Frozen Dart and Ice Flame, with the latter including her fire based powers.



Just like with Believix, every girl receives a special effect (signature snowflakes seen on Lovix transformation) whenever she uses her powers.

Known Lovix Fairies



  • The name Lovix comes from the word "love", since Lovix is the Gift of Heart.
  • Charmix, Sophix and Lovix are the only Fairy Forms to not make an appearance in the comics.

Transformation Sequences

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