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This article is about Stella's mother. You may be looking for the fairy who attends to Alfea.
Luna is the former queen of the planet Solaria. She is Stella's mother and also the ex-wife of King Radius.

In the comics, she is seen with her new lover, Allan, (whom Stella is not fond of) at parent-teacher meetings. She constantly tried to get her daughter to be kind to him and bond with him as a new family member. Stella eventually opened up but was still very bitter about her having a new boyfriend.


Luna has long platinum blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail with lighter blonde streaks. She wears a crescent-shaped tiara and wears a long blue dress with a dark blue cape. She has dark blue eyes, with lighter blue eyeshadow and eyeliner. By her appearance, and name, it is assumed that she has moon-based powers.

In the comics, she wears a long light blue shirt with dark blue pants that go above her ankles with dark blue heels.


Luna is shown to be caring to her daughter and ex-husband. Yet her ex-husband seemed to snub everything she did until Stella used her Sirenix Wish to bring them closer to each other.


A little is known about her background, except that she married King Radius and became queen of Solaria. They had Stella but divorced sometime before the start of the series. Reasons for this divorce are unknown so far, but, in Season 5, Luna claims that her marriage with Radius could not work due to his prideful nature. Luna had given up her crown after the divorce.



Luna made her first appearance in Stella's magically-induced nightmare, where he revealed that she is divorcing her husband, King Radius.

Later on, Stella finds out that her parents' divorce was no nightmare, but reality. As a result, she lashes out at Bloom during the Day of the Rose as she was still slightly in denial about her parents.

When Tritannus stole the seal from Pillar of Light and caused the universe wide eclipses, Luna became worried about Radius and traveled to the royal palace. She found Radius in the room where Second Sun of Solaria was kept. Radius was not happy to see her, but when he fainted Luna helped him to his bedroom where she took care of him. Stella arrived soon and she was surprised to see her mother in her father's palace.


Luna next to Teredor.

As Stella heads with the Winx to the Infinite Ocean, Luna tries to take care of Radius. She believes that Stella can find a cure as long as the second sun of Solaria still shines. When Pillar of Light is restored by Stella, Radius is alright again. At the throne room, Luna and Radius congratulate Stella, who tries to explain to her father that she thought of what both Luna and Radius would have done and put them together. Radius seems to notice what Stella means and ignores the meaning, saying that he should prepare to fight Tritannus. Luna is angry at him for not giving Stella enough credit. Radius and she start fighting again and Luna leaves the palace, much to Stella's dismay. She makes an appearance in the conference room at Domino.

When the Sovereign's Council finally agreed to join forces and vanquish Tritannus once and for all, Luna returned to Solaria with Radius and she commanded the Second Sun of Solaria to send its light to the alliance on Earth.

After Tritannus was imprisoned for his crimes, Luna is seen with her ex-husband and the rest of the Sovereign's Council on Andros attending the party.

In Mythix, Luna and the other mothers celebrate Mother's Day at Alfea.

In Queen for a Day, Luna, Radius and other people of Solaria gathered into the castle to let Stella be a queen for a day.


Magical Abilities

Luna summoning the Second Sun of Solaria's light

Luna summoning the Second Sun of Solaria's light.

Her first power was shown at "Saving Paradise Bay", which was to control light. It was also shown that she was able to control the sun's luminosity too since it is the source of light of the moon as well.


  • Luna is the Latin and Italian word for the Moon, as well as the name of the Goddess of the Moon in Roman Mythology.
  • It is unknown whether Luna originates from Solaria or whether she is from another planet and moved to Solaria after marrying Radius.
  • In a book about Stella, she and Radius are shown to get along okay, even though in Season 5 they are seen fighting.
    • It is possible that, since Stella's Sirenix wish was for her parents to listen to their hearts and her more, they may end up getting back together in the future.
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