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Macy is Mitzi's younger sister. She makes her first and only appearance in "The Lilo".


Macy has fair skin with very long black-blue colored hair with a slight curl along the bottom and deep blue eyes and pale pink lips. Her hair often covers just one of her eyes. Unlike Mitzi, who seems to wear mainly bright colors like yellow and green, Macy seems to like purple and other dark colors. She wears a plain deep blue-purple sweater/jacket with a white belt and a pair of slightly ripped purple leggings/pants.


Unlike her older sister, Macy is shown to be a very sweet, and good girl, who loves nature.


Season 5

In "The Lilo," Mitzi was babysitting Macy and had to take her to the community garden in Gardenia to plant her plant, which was the Lilo. Both the Winx and the Trix were looking for the Lilo plant. When the Trix showed up and tried to take the Lilo, she resisted them to protect the Lilo.


  • As revealed in "The Lilo", she is a fan of the Winx.
  • She is shown to be practically the polar opposite of her sister.
  • Macy's voice actress also voiced Amore for Season 6 in the Italian version.
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