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MagicPops from PopPixie's site

The MagicPops are items seen in PopPixie.


The MagicPops are magic spheres that hold positive energy from the Tree of Life. These are earned by pixies who use their skill for good. With a MagicPop, a pixie can transform into a PopPixie.


The MagicPops are spheres with varied appearances, designs, colors, and decorations depending on the power and the user.



In "Green Attack," it said:

  • Amore earned her MagicPop by shorting out love problems with her love potions;
  • Caramel earned her MagicPop thanks to her cakes along with making people happy;
  • Martino earned his MagicPop making drinks and being fun with those around him.

Season 1

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In "Green Attack," Pam earns her MagicPop from saving Pixieville and the Tree of Life from carnivorous plants.

In "A Pixie Fish," Livy earns his MagicPop from taking Amore to the colored waters of the Seven Streams so she could transform from fish back to her pixie form.

In "Crazy Weather," Cherie earns her MagicPop.

In "Lockette's Secret", Lockette uses Caramel’s MagicPop to make a cake. Caramel uses hers to transform (for the first time in the series) and defeats the elves.

In "The Mirror Spell", Morpho earns his MagicPop.

In "A Robot for Chatta," Fixit earns his MagicPop and learns that it allows him to duplicate his creations in seconds.

In "The Mystery of Lost MagicPop," a famous explorer's backpack with his MagicPop disappears, being later found by Lockette.

In "Let's Go Camp Pixie," Zing earns his MagicPop, and uses its power to communicate with insects and save the pixies.

In "My Best Friend," Plasto earns his MagicPop.

In "An Elf in School", Camilla earns her MagicPop.

In "Gnomes Gone Mad", Chatta earns her MagicPop.

In "The Silent Curse", Tune earns her MagicPop.

In "The Schoolbus Heroes", Piff earns her MagicPop.

In "I'm a PopPixie Too!", Lockette earns her MagicPop.

In " The Gnomes' Gold Rush", Mola earns her MagicPop.

In "A Funny Pet", Giga earns his MagicPop.

In "Jolly's Crackling Exhibition", Jolly earns his MagicPop.

In "MagicPops in Danger," Justin Nimble's MagicPop was shown.

In "An Electrifying Day", Glim earns his MagicPop.

In "The Back-Luck Ladybug", Cameila earns her MagicPop.

Magical Abilities

The MagicPops have the ability to boost and harness all the powers of a pixie.