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MM 6
The Magic Mirror is a legendary creature/item that appears in Season 6.


According to Selina, there was a queen who used to wield the mirror. Its legend was mentioned in the Legendarium:

Once upon a time, there was an evil queen, who possessed a mystical, magic mirror.


It is a golden mirror. When it is activated, purple flames appear in it.


Season 6

In "Queen for a Day," Selina unleashed it in Stella's room to turn her evil, so she could let the Witches in the Palace of Solaria until Brandon accidentally attacks the mirror and breaks the curse.

Magical Abilities

The mirror has the ability to charm anyone by adoring them and telling them that their beauty is the greatest among everyone. Once the user touches it, it immediately darkens his/her heart and bewitches them, turning them evil.


Although it has great power, it is still alike to ordinary mirrors. It is still fragile. Once it is broken, all of its curses will be broken.


  • Its legend is similar to the story of the Evil Queen's magic mirror in Snow White. It also tells the queen that she is the most beautiful lady in the land.
  • The Magic Mirror along with the Sphinx, the Children of the Night, the Pirate Zombies, and Rumpelstiltskin are the only legendary creatures that have the ability to speak.
  • It is the only known existing magical item in the Legendarium.
  • It is voiced by André Sogliuzzo, who also voices Radius in the Nickelodeon dub.


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