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The Magic School for Forgers is a school introduced in Season 6.



Hagen, the Trix and the Students in the School.

The Magic School for Forgers is small and made of wood. Its structure is circular, which has wooden stands supporting the school's weight atop of a mountain. The school is primarily gold and brown.


The students of the school follow a uniform system. They wear brown aprons tied to them with pale green ribbon. Inside, they are topless and only wear baggy, knee-length, reddish brown pants. They also wear brown boots.


The magic steel, according to Stormy, is the magic source of the school. It is highly probable that it is the exact same steel Hagen used to forge the sword of king Oritel. Stormy also dictates that with it, along with the other stolen magic powers of the colleges they conquered, they can finally conquer Alfea


Season 6

In "Legendary Duel", the Trix conquer the Magic School for Forgers. They attack Hagen and his students. Though not shown, Stormy says that they just stole their magic source, the magic steel.

In "Winx Forever", Selina destroys the Dragon Fossils, resulting to the power of the Magic School for Forgers returning to its rightful place.

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