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Magic of Believix is a game on the Winx Club Official Website, featuring the battles from Season 4.

How to Play

The Winx have to defeat the Wizards of the Black Circle and collect the Fairy Pets. Press the space bar to cast a spell. Press the left & right arrow keys to move and collect the Fairy Pets.

There are nine levels at total and seven attempts/life at each level. If taking too long to defeat an enemy, they transform the pets into monsters, being only defeated if hit. To complete a level rescue five pets and defeat the enemies.


All names retrieved from the game script:


  • The stages background would repeat themselves vertically.
  • The gameplay music is a shortened karaoke version of You're Magical.
  • Only Ogron and Gantlos were considered as level boss.
    • They had slightly bigger sprites and each had four more sprites than Anagan and Duman.
  • Bloom had three sprites more than the other Winx, being fourteen sprites to each.
  • Some spells had sprites separated from the characters' sprites.
  • Spells possible relation:
    • Bloom's is a big yellow laser with orange outlines. It could be Fire Arrow.
    • Flora's is two lime green laser with spring green outlines. It could be Autumn Wind.
    • Stella's is a yellow laser that explodes. It could be Sun Dance or Sun Storm.
    • Musa's is two fuchsia energy balls with trailing dust. It could be Stereo Crash.
    • Tecna's is a lavender lase that's much longer than the others and then trails off. It could be Mega Watt.
    • Aisha's  is a Morphix-colored laser which explodes. It could be Morphix Wave.
    • Roxy's is a spring green-colored upside-down-T laser. It could be Wolf Talon.

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