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The Magic of Food (also known as Food Power) is a Fairy Form exclusive to the comics. It only appears in Issue 135: The Magic of Food.


Due to the Winx's Bloomix powers being blocked by Gastrus' magic spell, which blocks the positive influence of nature. They realize that anything from nature that is related with food allows them to call out their magic powers which transform them into their Magic of Food form.


The outfits are similar to Mythix with prom-like dresses of similar length and matching boots. The outfits have bright colors and patterns that assimilate with the nature subject used for their transformation. Their hairstyles in this form resemble their hairstyles in their Bloomix form with some minor changes. The wings follow the same format for each fairy, with a symbol of a bean at each wing tip, the colors are varied.


For this transformation, it is required anything from nature that relates with food.

Magical Abilities

The source of the Magic of Food are the "beneficial waves" present in nature associated with food. They grant the fairy abilities related with the subject used for to earn the transformation. It even gives them the ability to produce the subject used for transformation:

Ways to Acquire

Each girl used a different subject to earn the Magic of Food:

Known Magic of Food Fairies



  • This transformation was created to honor collaboration with Ricette a colori.
  • Tecna was the only fairy to not use something directly related to food.
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