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The Magic of Joy is a Fairy Form exclusive to the comics. It only appears in Issue 155: The Secret of Happiness.


In "The Secret of Happiness", the Quokka unleash a magical power and grant the Winx the power to save them, their child, and Milly.


The fairy wears a long flowy dress in her signature color and a pair of high-heeled wedges. Her hair is untied or partially tied into a bun. On her back is a pair of large butterfly wings in her signature color.


In order to earn the Magic of Joy, a fairy must resonate with the immense magical power given off by the Quokka.

Magical Abilities

Magic of Joy gives fairies the ability to create shields and stabilize objects or bodies of water.

Known Magic of Joy Fairies



  • This is the least featured comic-exclusive Fairy Form.
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