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The Magic of Sports (also known as Magic Enhancement) is a Fairy Form exclusive to the comics. It only appears in Issue 122: The Great Challenge.
  • Previous Transformation: None
  • Next Transformation: Magic of Food


When the Trix interrupted the friendly soccer match is held to celebrate the camaraderie between the Alfea Fairies and Cloud Tower Witches, the Winx transform into their unique fairy form of sports.


The outfits are very simplistic considering that the girls' outfits and hairstyles do not change, leaving them in their custom soccer uniforms. Rather, they gain small and sharp teardrop-shaped wings with small rims on the side of the upper pair of wings, each in their respective signature color.

Known Magic of Sports Fairies



  • This is the first and to date only comic exclusive transformation where the Winx keep their previous outfits after transforming.
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