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Magiche Canzoni is an album of sixth season songs that contains ten tracks. This album is only in Italian.


Discover the power of music with Bloom and her friends! Three funny "music" adventures to read and a CD with so many songs from the new TV series. You are also unleashed with the magical Winx music! Age of reading: 4 years.

Track Listing

Title Artist(s) Length
1 Ancora e sempre Winx (Still and always Winx) Alessia Orlando TBA
2 Noi e la musica (We and the music) Elisa Rosselli TBA
3 Un giorno da non dimenticare (One day to not forget) Elisa Rosselli TBA
4 La nostra sinfonia (Our symphony) Elisa Rosselli TBA
5 Winx potere di fata (Winx power of fairies) Alessia Orlando TBA
6 Insieme me (Along with me) Elisa Rosselli TBA
7 Siamo Sirenix (We are Sirenix) Michela Ollari TBA
8 Solo noi (Only us) Elisa Rosselli TBA
9 Una voce dentro l'anima (A voice inside the soul) Elisa Rosselli TBA
10 Festa magica (Magic Holiday) Elisa Rosselli TBA