The Magiwolves are a species of Fairy Animal which appear in Season 7. Their home planet is Linphea.


The Magiwolves were trapped in the contagious fungi in Linphea which drained their powers but with the help of the Yaffles and Roxy, the Winx managed to save them in time. They are shown to be kind creatures, always helping and guiding others.


With the exception of Amarok, Magiwolves have a light yellow-greenish coat, purple eyes, turmeric blue nose and ears. Their mane and belly coat are lime green. There are light yellow-greenish highlights on their legs, feet, and tail.


Season 7

In "Adventure on Lynphea", with the help of the Yaffles, Roxy tells the Winx that these creatures, the Magiwolves, are in some kind of danger. The Winx travel to Linphea to save the Magiwolves. Luckily, Flora's parents tell her about them upon the Winx's arrival, when they are doctoring two Magiwolves. Rhodos, Flora's father, tells the Winx that they are being attacked by poisonous fungi spores and gives them orchid seeds that can neutralize the Wild Magic plaguing them. The Winx reach the edge of the forest to find the source of the fungi spores in the hopes of solving the problem. Later, they get to know that their Butterflix powers are no use against them, as the Butterflix power cannot harm nature itself. The mutant spores de-transforme the girls one by one in their efforts to help, and as Flora remembers she has the magic orchid seeds, she too is trapped by a mutant fungi, unable to reach the them.

In "Beware of the Wolf", with the help of Miele, they defeat the fungi. Flora finds the source of Wild Magic and cures it with her special Butterflix Power and bonds with Amarok, a Magiwolf.

Magical Abilities

The Magiwolves have great strength and they can jump very high.


  • "Magiwolf" is a blend of "magic" or and "wolf".
  • Amarok is the only Magiwolf that has brown fur instead of green.


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