Magix is a magical planet as well as the name of the major city located on it. Magix is located at the center of the Magic Dimension, making it its capital, as well as the "Crossroads to All Magical Dimensions." Due to the three major schools being located on the planet, Magix acts as a major setting for most of the Winx Club series.


Winx Club




  • The name "Magix" comes from the word magic.
  • The name Magix has been used differently through the series:
    • As the name of the City found near Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain.
    • As the Planet where the City of Magix, Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain are found.
    • As the Galaxy where Planet Magix is found.
    • As the name for the whole Magic Dimension.
  • Magix has its own monetary system, among the numerous ones through the Magic Dimension.
  • Magix might have been partially inspired by the Wizarding World from Harry Potter.
    • Bloom stating in Welcome to Magix! that she expected Magix City to be full of dragons, gnomes, wizards and shops full of magic wants might be a reference to Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter series which is a place fitting this description.
    • Its three schools, Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain, might partly be based from the three wizarding schools of the Harry Potter books: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.
    • These three schools are the largest and most well-known magical schools of Europe, similarly to how Alfea, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain are the largest and most well-known magical schools of the Magic Dimension.
      • Durmstrang has a reputation for Dark Magic, similarly to how Cloud Tower's own reputation for dark magic.
      • Beauxbatons is an all-girls school (In the films, while in the books it's not a all-girls school) much like Alfea and Cloud Tower.


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