Magix City is a city found in Magix. It is the hometown of Timmy's family, which is a prominent family of scientists there[1][2]. The Magix City is the capital of the Magic Dimension, along with the planet.


Magix City is close to Alfea and is the main city on Magix. It is a large modern city where magic and technology are combined and work together to make the city function.

Magix City is where most of the students of the three schools of Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain spend their free time and buses regularly traveling to Magix City are available from the three schools.


Winx Club

  • Magix Hall
  • Municipal Building
  • Museum of Magix
  • Music Club
  • Public Square
  • Pubs and Restaraunts
  • Temple



Magix is where the Winx, the Specialists, and the Trix spend most of their free time in Season 1. Bloom first met the Trix and was attacked by them there and later the Trix and other Cloud Tower witches attacked Musa in Magix, resulting in a fight where Bloom accidentally revealed to the Trix that she possessed the Dragon Flame. Magix is also where Bloom first saw Daphne, on the facade of a municipal building where Daphne was depicted along with the other Nymphs of Magix.

After the Trix summon the Army of Darkness and try to conquer the whole realm of Magix in the second half of the season, Magix City becomes a deserted place where all the inhabitants were imprisoned in cocoons of dark magic. The city returns to its normal state after the Trix are defeated.

Magix City appears frequently in Season 3 and in the second half of the season the Winx are seen visiting a club in Magix.

Once Valtor attacked the Museum of Magix to steal the Agador Box.

Valtor attacks the city using the Spell of the Elements to send a massive earthquake to destroy Magix City. The city is saved after Valtor is defeated.

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  • The name "Magix" comes from the word "magic".
  • Bloom stating in Welcome to Magix! that she expected Magix City to be full of dragons, gnomes, wizards and shops full of magic wants might be a reference to Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter series which is a place fitting this description.


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