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Magnethia is Tecna's mother and Electronio's wife. She first appears in Season 6 when she goes to Alfea for Mother's Day.


She has fair skin, light green eyes and short cyan hair. She wears a long turtleneck purple top with a matching purple bottom. She wears black boots. Her outfits and boots are decorated by neon green parts. She wears dark-purple headband-like item and triangle spring green earrings.


She is shown to be friendly, and clearly cares for her daughter. Though not much else is known about her personality.



Mother's day

In "Mythix", Magnethia and the other mothers celebrate Mother's Day at Alfea.

Magnethia reappears again in "A Monster Crush" along with Electronio because the Winx had to get a device to make Cloud Tower visible again after the Trix made it invisible. Therefore the Winx meet Tecna's parents while teaching them habits that occurred on Zenith.


After getting the invisibility device, It appears that Frankenstein's Monster another creature summoned by Selina is attacking half the city and the Winx were forced to stop. The monster in love with Tecna and takes her into the Legendarium World. At the end, the Winx and Tecna say goodbye to Magnethia and Electronio before returning to Magix.

In "A Fairy Animal for Tecna", the Winx go to Zenith to get the Technomagic Globes repaired as it was broken by the Fairy Animals while they were having fun. Tecna takes the Winx to the techno magic geniuses, her parents. Magnethia offers the Winx some silicon juice while they were waiting for the techno magic globe to be fixed. Suddenly the work-robots and every thing in Zenith start to go haywire. Their Stones of Memories appear and the Winx decide to go back in time to see what the problem was. After the the solving the problem, Flitter fix the Techno Magic Globes.


#161: Technomagic Competition

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