The Major Fairies are the Supreme Guardians of Nature on Earth (it is possible that other Major Fairies also exist on other planets). They have been the guardians of Earth since ancient times and were in charge of protecting nature and spreading its powers.

While Major Fairies all have realms of their own that they rule and where they have followers, they all submit to the rule of the Fairy Queen of Tir Nan Og, who is the Queen of all Earth Fairies and to whom they have to obey, as shown by the loyalty of Aurora and Diana towards Morgana during the Great Fairy Revenge after being freed by the Winx, with the exception of Sibylla who has to remain neutral in all situations since she is the Major Fairy of Justice and cannot take sides, even if it means disobeying the Fairy Queen. Nebula also has been shown to be rebellious sometimes, due to her thirst of revenge against the Wizards of the Black Circle who captured her, leading her to disobey and even overthrow Morgana to fulfill her revenge.


The appearance of the Major Fairies of Earth seems to look like a higher fairy form, since they appear to be stronger than Enchantix level fairies, have larger and less detailed wings than Enchantix and Believix wings in their respective colours and have no Fairy Dust pendants/bottles, although each Major Fairy has been seen to have a kind of necklace with pendant which may have been a Fairy Dust pendant.

Magical Abilities

It is possible that they indeed have reached a higher fairy level, or that it is just a standard fairy level or Enchantix, since their wings usually have the same appearances as their follower fairies' wings, or that all the Earth Fairies gained a higher fairy level transformation which they obtained by being the guardians of their planets or after having their wings plucked by the Wizards of the Black Circle, which would explain why Morgana's wings are different from all the Major Fairies' wings as she is supposed to have been the last fairy captured by the Wizards and that her wings are still growing again (as Nebula herself said to the Wizards that the wings of fairies may take a lot of time to grow again, but that they indeed end up by growing again), or maybe Morgana is not a Major Fairy like those of whom she is the overlord.

Note that the wings of Nebula and of Diana are alike, while those of Aurora and Sibylla are more different, and that Aurora's wings slightly look like the wings of the fairies shown fleeing (possibly Warrior Fairies of Domino) in the flashbacks of the destruction of Domino which Bloom saw when her crown was telling her the story of her world's destruction after she went to her planet in Season 1.

This could possibly imply that the fairy level of the Major Fairies is one gained by becoming a warrior, which could possibly explain why the wings of Sibylla are even more different than those of the other Major Fairies, since she is bound to remain neutral in whatever circumstance and did not attempt to fight the Wizards of the Black Circle during the Great Fairy Hunt, but instead may have tried to flee.

Major Fairies are extremely powerful and when the first Major Fairy, Diana came into action, Faragonda said that the Believix level of the Winx girls, who are the Guardian Fairies of the Magic Dimension since the first movie, is ineffective against them and that they had to use two of the Gifts of Destiny, the Sophix and the Lovix powers to face Diana and Aurora, the Major Fairies of Nature and of the North respectively, and to be able tho free themselves from Diana's dungeons the Winx had to use a Sophix convergence as their individual Sophix powers were not strong enough.

While nothing has been said on their Fairy Forms, it is assumed that Major Fairies are at Enchantix level, but are unusually powerful, and even stronger than Believix Fairies, because their powers come from a power source whose strength comes from the Earth itself such as Diana's flower and Aurora's blizzard which act as their power sources and are also the power sources of the Amazon and the Arctic Fairies respectively even though there is still a possibility that the Major Fairies have reached another higher Fairy Level. The strength of the Major Fairies could also come from their power source, Tecna mentioning that all Major Fairies have a power source, like the Sacred Bud of Diana and the Blizzard of Aurora, which are bonded to nature, whose strength depends on nature, since as her jungle was being cut down, Diana's powers became more and more weak. However Nebula's and Sibylla's power sources have not been shown so far.

Known Major Fairies

  • Aurora, the Major Fairy of the North, with the Arctic Fairies as her followers,
  • Diana, the Major Fairy of Nature, with the Amazon Fairies as her followers,
  • Nebula, who was the Major Fairy of Peace, before becoming the Major Fairy of War, with the Warrior Fairies as followers, before finally becoming the Queen of the Fairies of Tir Nan Og.
  • Sibylla, the Major Fairy of Justice, with the Rustic Fairies as followers.
  • It is unknown whether Morgana is also a Major Fairy or not, or if there are other Major Fairies as well.


The Great Fairy Hunt.

The Major Fairies were the very source of harmony and protection on Planet Earth done by using the planet's energy and dispersing it through air, water and fire. This all came to an end when the Great Fairy Hunt began. The Wizards of the Black Circle developed a spell that would grant them immunity against fairy magic. Armed with this spell, the Wizards began their ploy to become the supreme rulers of Earth. Every single Earth fairy was hunted down, their powers were drained from them by having their wings stripped off. Once they were defeated, they were imprisoned in their own kingdom for centuries. Due to their absence, harmony and peace fell while chaos, war and intolerance grew. The fairies were forgotten, only thought of as mere figures of fairy tales. Their anger also grew not only towards the Wizards but also the humans due to being severely weakened because of their lack of belief in magic. They swore to seek vengeance against the Wizards of the Black Circle and Humans upon regaining their freedom.

At the same time, Morgana longed to be with her family again. She is unable to be with her husband, Klaus and her baby daughter Roxy as she remains trapped in her castle. To make matters worse, Ogron had erased all memories of her from them. But as Roxy matured, her powers began to manifest and Morgana saw an opportunity to try and communicate with her telepathically. Unfortunately, Roxy's powers were not yet strong enough and Morgana can only appear in her dreams.


Freedom at last.

The Major Fairies are finally freed from their prison in "The Enchanted Island". They expressed their thanks to the Winx who liberated them. But when Queen Morgana asks the Winx to join their cause, a ploy of vengeance against the Wizards of the Black and Humans for their lack of belief, the Major Fairies earn another enemy in their liberators. The Winx have nothing against the humans and reasoned that they are innocent of their crimes for they know nothing of magic. This argument is refuted by Nebula who states that humans are responsible for the destruction of nature.

Diana begins her revenge.

The Major Fairies start their hunt for the Wizards of the Black Circle, doing whatever they can to get to them. Including enacting their powers against the human world to slow down the Winx's interference. This begins with Diana's reclamation of urban areas for nature, starting with Gardenia. It appears that Diana's wrath is mostly directed towards humanity for the destruction of nature. She explains to Nabu and Helia that she has been for hurt years, feeling the pain of each dying plant. Diana kidnaps the Specialists, bringing them into her kingdom and serving as bait for the Winx. She had hoped the Winx would eventually see her point of view and join the Earth Fairies' cause only to be proven wrong. During her revenge scheme, the Amazon rainforest was rapidly deteriorating. Diana and her fairies fly to where the deforestators are to deliver their punishment. But the massive deforestation had completely weaken them and they are easily restrained. The Winx and Specialists had escaped from their prison again, they help Diana and her fairies. While the Specialists deal with the deforestators, the Winx and the Amazonian Fairies head to the Nymph Waterfalls to check on the Sacred Sprout. The Sprout was nearing death, devastating Diana. Flora reassures her and the Winx converge their Sophix powers to heal the Sprout. Diana realizes that vengeance is not the answer and sees that not all humans disrespect nature. With this revelation, Diana joins the Winx and tried to convince Queen Morgana to stop her revenge campaign but fails.

Diana gives up on revenge and will try to reason with Morgana.

The Major Fairy of Justice, Sibylla, remains neutral to all sides and her domain served as a safe haven for the Wizards of the Black Circle per the Winx's request. Sybilla and her fairies also tried their best to cure Duman of his debilitating illness. Because of Fairy Law, any person(s) under Sibylla's protection cannot be detained/removed unless Sibylla allows it. As such, this hinders the Major Fairies' plan in addition to losing one Major Fairy to the cause.

Sibylla on throne.jpg
So, Morgana calls up Aurora, the Major Fairy of the North, who had a plan to coerce the Winx into bringing the Wizards of the Black Circle to them. Morgana tells Aurora that the youngest fairy, Roxy, must remain safe at all costs. Aurora heeds her orders and starts freezing the seas. The Winx are forced to enter her Frost Tower to stop it. Aurora traps them in her freezing tower. There, Nebula demands they bring the Wizards to them or else Roxy will freeze to death. Angered that Nebula is so willing to give up an innocent life for revenge, Bloom challenges Nebula to a duel. If Nebula wins, the Winx will bring the Wizards to the Major Fairies. If the Bloom wins, the Wizards will stand at trial in a fair and impartial court. The deal is met and Nebula encases them in an ice cage which isolates them from the outside temperatures, stopping Roxy from freezing to death.

At the battle rank, Morgana releases Roxy from the ice cage and tries to persuade her into joining their cause. Roxy refuses and begs her to stop. A fair and impartial court for the Wizards of the Black Circle is requested once again. Morgana actually takes this into consideration. Nebula is disappointed and starts questioning Morgana's fit to rule. Aurora on the other hand scolds Nebula for disrespecting their queen. Nebula is starting to get desperate for revenge and proclaims that they need to take down the Wizards even if it means breaking Fairy Law and trespassing into Sibylla's domain to do so.

Aurora starts freezing the seas to force the Winx into complying with their demands.

Nebula kneels before Morgana and explains the deal she struck with Bloom. Morgana approves and the battle begins. Nebula loses and although Morgana and Aurora accept the defeat, Nebula does not. She goes against the agreement and attacks the Winx (having been freed of the ice cage by Morgana) using parts of Aurora's tower. Morgana angrily scolds Nebula for not accepting her defeat and so Aurora freezes Nebula to stop her.

Because Morgana was personally asked by Roxy to stop her vengeance against humans, Morgana agrees immediately. Nebula is in complete disbelief and starts heckling the monarch. An angered Aurora silences her. Morgana explains the protocols for the Wizards' day of judgement - they will be brought to Tir Nan Og by the Winx and Ogron must personally hand over the Black Circle as a sign of submission.

Nebula demands the Wizards be delivered to the Earth Fairies.

The Day of Judgement approaches, the Earth Fairies on Tir Nan Og prepare for the arrival of their captors. Sibylla releases the Ogron, Anagan and Gantlos into the care of the Winx and Duman to the Specialists (namely Nabu). After her guests leave, having kept quiet due to her position as the Fairy of Justice, Sibylla is overcome with concern as she had foreseen the terrible result in allowing the Wizards of the Black Circle to stand trial before the Earth Fairies.

Nebula and the Royal Guard Fairies greet the Winx and the Wizards of the Black Circle. Nebula mockingly reminds the Wizards of their crimes. The Wizards are taken into custody and the Black Circle placed in containment until the Ceremony of Truth. Morgana and the Winx chat a little and Morgana subtly hints that Roxy is related to her by saying the Palace of Tir Nan Og is her home. Morgana excitingly asks Roxy for an image of her family and upon seeing it, reminds Morgana how much she misses home. This moment is interrupted as the ceremony is about to begin.

Nebula, after overthrowing Morgana.

Before the ceremony begins, Morgana asks Ogron, Anagan and Gantlos if they have anything to say. Ogron says that they are ready for their judgement and becoming mere mortals. Morgana states this will be a historical moment and puts on the Black Circle as a sign of acceptance of the Wizards' humility. Then, Ogron starts cackling and the Black Circle begins to glow. Absorbing the Fairy Queen's power, the Black Circle opens an abyss that siphons the Earth Fairies into it.

Magic returns to Earth.

Morgana is accompanied by Roxy when the Wizards approach her. The Specialists step in and help the Earth Fairies away from the abyss. This distracts the Wizards from Morgana and Roxy. Morgana stands to fight but when Roxy explains she should not because she is too weak at the moment, Morgana explains that a queen must never appear weak and that Roxy will understand this when she is in this position one day. Morgana then orders all the Earth Fairies to return to the castle, Nebula begrudgingly does as she is told.

Nabu sees there is no other option then to use his magic staff as the object to contain the abyss. He fights bravely against its shear power but ultimately loses his life. This breaks Aisha's heart and devastates his friends. The Earth Fairies are forever thankful but this chaos revealed to Nebula that Morgana is unfit to rule and Aisha, driven by grief, joins the Earth Fairies' vengeance plan.

Sibylla & Rustic fairies.jpg
Morgana is overthrown by Nebula, trapping her in the Dark Dimension only visible through a mirror. Nebula, Aisha and the Warrior Fairies teleport to the Omega Dimension where the Wizards had escaped to and proceed to hunt them down. Meanwhile, the Winx and Specialists regroup. Roxy points out that they need to free Morgana somehow before they chase after Nebula, Aisha and the Warrior Fairies. Riven runs up to the mirror and is about to shatter it when Morgana stops him because the spell that was cast will kill anyone who tries to break it. Morgana explains that only a Fairy Queen can break the spell. Tecna thinks that only Nebula can break it but Morgana clarifies that Nebula is still not the rightful ruler. The person who can free Morgana is her daughter, the Princess of Tir Nan Og, Roxy. Roxy frees Morgana from the mirror and they share a long-awaited hug.

Diana & Amazon fairies.jpg
Meanwhile, some Warrior Fairies had found Gantlos, who was out scouting, and one of them was about to stab him. Morgana stops this group of Warrior Fairies and Gantlos escapes but Roxy brings to life an eagle ice sculpture to search for him. Morgana and the Winx follow it. Meanwhile, Nebula, Aisha and the Warrior Fairies end up in an area with many caverns and continue their search. Morgana, the Winx and Specialists come across some Warrior Fairies trapped in blocks of ice after they encountered the Wizards. Nebula and company quickly accuse them of attacking their sisters only for Morgana to calm them down, explaining that they were just helping. Morgana convinces her followers to stop this revenge ploy, as she herself realized it was pointless thanks to her daughter, Roxy and her friends. A surprising revelation to Nebula. However, Nebula refuses to return to being the Fairy of Peace.

Then, the Wizards launch their surprise attack which causes the caverns to start collapsing. Nebula and Aisha chase after the Wizards whereas the Specialists lead Morgana and the Earth Fairies out to safety. The Winx themselves go and try to get their friend back.

Aurora and an Arctic Fairy.jpg
The Wizards overtake Nebula whereas Aisha is unable to go through with killing Ogron due to her own morals. The Winx and Nebula join forces in a final duel against the Wizards in which they win and the Wizards are frozen over, the Omega Dimension is now their prison.

The battle is finally over and the caverns are starting to collapse again. Nebula stays behind realizing that she had gone too far in the quest for revenge, believing this to be the proper road towards redemption. She is convinced otherwise by Bloom and leaves the Omega Dimension. Nebula kneels before Morgana and asks for forgiveness, Morgana is just happy to have her friend back.

The new Fairy Queen, Nebula.

Morgana gives a thank you speech to the Winx and also to dear Nabu, who gave his life for the Earth Fairies. In honor of him and life, the Earth Fairies release their magic into the world again. Finally, the Earth Fairies and peace returns to Earth. Morgana has decided that she wants to live as a normal person and renounces her title as Fairy Queen to Nebula. Nebula is surprised considering all that she had done but Morgana sees that she has indeed proven herself worthy of this title, and is crowned Fairy Queen Regent Nebula.

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