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Malia is a comic exclusive character and a Cloud Tower student.


She has brown eyes, pale skin and a dark purple lipstick. Her light green hair up to the shoulder is punk, the right side is up to her cheek and straight the left side is mostly shaven. She wears purple leggings and purple boots with a heel. Her boots go to the knee and have three separate straps on the part that covers the knurls. She has a navy green sweater with a dark stocking and a pale V-shaped top in rolled school. Over a dark navy green jacket, the rolled up sleeves go up to the elbows, and a high school. Her sun-pleated skirt is mauve in dark and pale shade, the bottom is pale and the rest is dark. Supported by a deep pink V-belt. On the forearms are lilac fingerless gloves in a bandage style.


She seems to be very discreet and daring to have successfully followed the Winx and skip classes. She can be very reckless, and does bit think ahead. She is shown not to be a fan of fairies, while her friend Daffy thinks witches and fairies can get a long.  


Season 8

In A New Fairy,...

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