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Breath of Nature
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Malina is a character that appears exclusively in the Winx Club Comic Series. Her first and only appearance is in Issue 116: The Flute of the Shaman, where she seeks out the Winx's help to deal with her strange family heirloom that has been plaguing her with nightmares.


She has dark skin, brown eyes, pink lips, and black afro.

She wears a pale purple hoodie, with a yellow line around the chest and back. Dark pink shorts, and pale purple boots on.

She is bare foot, has pale red pants on, and a pale red vest. A beige tube top on, and a white feather necklace and belt on. Her hair is also up.


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#116: The Flute of the Shaman

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Magical Abilities

She may know first-level spells such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.

Uses of Magic


  • Currently, Malina is the first known Shaman from Earth.
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