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Mandawuy is a musician from Magnolia. He has only appeared in the comics.


Mandawuy is dark-skinned and has short brown hair. His eyes are light-blue. He wears a purple t-shirt, green breeches with pockets and a purple winter hat.


Just like her friends Mandawuy appears to be brave as he and his friends tried to sneak backstage to tell the Winx the truth about Mitzi and her friends. Mandawuy also seems to be kind, he supported Winx when they were trying to fight the spirits of nature.


#101: Winx Music Tour: The Spirits of Nature


Djalu, Mandawuy and Kerrianne playing for people

The Winx decide to try a jam session with local musicians at every stage and Djalu's band wants to win the audition to play music with their favorite band.

They are playing in a local park surrounded by people who are enjoying their music when Mitzi, Brooke and Stacy show up and decide to steal the instruments.


Djalu, Mandawuy and Kerrianne telling the Winx the truth.

While "The Sweet Dreams" are performing, Djalu, Mandawuy and Kerrianne try to sneak backstage but are stopped by security guards. However, Bloom asks the guards to let them go because she feels like they have something important to tell. Djalu reveals the truth, he says that the girls stole their instruments. The Winx promise to get their instruments back. Friends say they should move quickly and stop the thieves because the instruments are magical, they've belonged to their aboriginal community for many generations and according to legends, their ancestors used the instruments to enter into harmony with vital forces of creation. People who don't belong to their tribes do not have the right to play them, otherwise the spirits of nature may become rebellious.

The Spirits of Nature (6)

Performing with the Winx.

When Djalu calms the spirits of nature, the Winx invite the whole band to join them and perform together.

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