Manuel is Roxy's love interest who has only appeared in the comic series. He makes his first appearance in Forbidden Magic. He is a specialist from Red Fountain.


He has long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and has a fair skin tone. He usually wears a blue shirt, with a red coat and blue jeans. Manuel is also seen wearing a body suit, which is similar to the specialists uniform. He also wears blue boots in this outfit. He was described to be handsome.


He's shown as a warm, caring, sweet, loyal and protective person. At first, he hangs out with witches, but later with Roxy, as he clearly likes her a lot.

Comic Issue

In issue 82, Manuel was seen on Roxy's cellphone. When Roxy's grades began to drop, Stella thought that Roxy must have a crush on someone, who the Winx discover to be Manuel. Manuel was found to be a specialist at Red Fountain. He was shown to be constantly hanging out with witches.


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  • The name Manuel is of Spanish origin. It's the short form of the name Emmanuel, which is of Hebrew origin, and means "God is with us".
  • His appearance is similar to Sky.
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