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Margot is a character who appears in World of Winx. She is one of the judges of the Wow! reality talent show. She dislikes all of the acts presented and almost always votes negative. She has a dog named Puff who sits on her lap during the show. She is also notably the opposite of Cliff, who is much more positive.


Margot has light pink skin, brown eyes, and black hair in a pixie-cut with a white flock at the front.

She wears a white shirt, gray neck ribbon, and a magenta blazer with one golden button on the front, four pockets, black tabs and cuffs with one gray ribbon each. Her pants are slim black and her shoes are a magenta ballet flat with black soles. Her accessories are a purple pearl necklace and gold ring earrings with tiny purple orbs at the top.


Margot is very critical and opinionated. As the more negative judge, Margot can be a very negative woman overall. She seems to consider herself as one with high tastes and interests and, if something does not match up with her interests, then she will not hesitate to call it out. However, Margot focuses heavily on the negative aspects of each Wow! contestant, be it Annabelle and Nadine's shyness or even Yu's lack of femininity. The only contestant she seemed to be initially impressed with was Vincenzo, mainly due to how sour and prideful he was when he started out, though, this could have been sarcasm of Margot's part. Due to this, it is almost as if Margot cannot find anything positive to say about any contestant, which explains why Cliff is there as almost a counterbalance to her. Speaking of Cliff, Margot generally appears to be annoyed with his boundless positivity, as if she does not find it necessary to sing of someone else's praises if they have no praises to sing about.

Margot is capable of genuine positivity though. It is just that anything nice she has to say is usually directed towards her dog, Puff, with whom she is very visibly affectionate with.

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