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Queen Marion (also called Queen Mariam or Queen Miriam) is the queen of the realm of Domino. She is the wife of King Oritel, biological mother of Crown Princess Daphne and Princess Bloom, and mother-in-law to Prince Thoren as of the Season 6 finale. She was also the co-founder and prominent member of the former Company of Light.


With a light skin tone, a tall and slender frame, long locks of curly red hair and bright green eyes, Marion bears a striking resemblance to her youngest daughter Bloom.


Marion often wears her hair in a large updo adorned with a ring of pearls and a three-pointed crown as long curled tendrils cascade down the sides of her face, neck and back. She also wears light pink lipstick and faint green eyeshadow.

Her attire consists of a long bright green dress with paler green and pink accents. Large green and pink shoulder blades poke out from the sides as her green sleeves become large, puffy and lighter in color around her elbows. Their buffs are bound to her wrist by two pink jewels. The torso of the dress consists of a pink corset bodice with dark pinkish-purple patterns on the front, as the rest of the dress flows from there and past her feet, keeping them concealed. Marion also wears a small gold necklace with a large pinkish-purple gemstone to match the ones on her cuffs. Lastly, an elegant pale pink fur cape flows from behind her down to the ground as it curls inward. It also doubles as a boa of sorts as it splits off into two slimmer stands at the front the flow down to just above the queen's feet.

In The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, Marion is shown in a completely different dress entirely as her hair no longer remains held in an updo. Rather than her signature green, Marion wears a cerulean dress with lighter blue and purple accents, as well as metal shoulder blades and an armored corset. The dress itself is near identical to her usual one in shape and style.


During her youth as a warrior in the Company of Light, Marion wore her hair down, topping it all off with a large gold crown with a red gem at the front.

Her attire consisted of a bright green bodysuit and light pink armor adorned with other red gems like the one on her crown on the center of her chest, waist and the tips of her boots. Gold shoulder blades jut out from the pink armored torso-piece as gold fabric wraps around her waist like a belt bound by a red gem. Under it flows a large piece of the gold fabric that contains the pattern of a darker colored spear pointing down to a flame at the tip. Her boots are also adorned in gold patterns and each have a small silver or black gem placed at the center.


Marion carries herself as a very calm and demure queen, acting as the more level-headed voice of reason between her and Oritel. All throughout the second movie, she is seen affectionately following her husband and acts as either an advisor to him or a mediator between him and Bloom due to their stubborn natures. In fact, it is because of Oritel's stubborn tendencies that he often mulls over and considers whatever pieces of advice Marion gives him as she is almost always able to find an answer for the problems he may be facing while he is stuck unable to find any himself (or admit to any due to being stubborn and traditional). Though she is aware of the importance of royal protocol, Marion seems to prefer being a bit more flexible, as she will be more than happy to bend a few rules if it means keeping her children content. She can also act a benevolent guiding hand with Bloom similarly to how Daphne was for most of her youth. While Oritel can be overbearing at times, Marion gives Bloom the space she needs to live her life freely, believing that she had already become the wonderful princess Domino needs.

Likewise, she is a very loving person who holds a lot of love for her family, kingdom and comrades. Her love towards everyone important to her acts as the source of her bravery and determination, especially when she was an acting member of the Company of Light in its heyday. She is also shown to be very cool and collected in battle, refusing to let her emotions spill out of control as any misstep could spell her demise (which it did for almost two decades). However, if any one of her loved ones are put in mortal danger, Marion becomes more reckless and panicked, which can be seen with how she transferred herself into her husband's sword as he was dragged into Obsidian. This particular fear of losing Oritel also rears its ugly head in her confrontation with the Trix in Season 5, so her close brush with death at the hands of the Ancestral Witches seems to be something she tries to keep locked behind her usually demure demeanor to keep from looking weak or worrying her loved ones.

Magical Abilities


Marion was defined as being incredibly powerful, even if it is unknown whether she is just a fairy like Bloom or if she had also been a Nymph of Magix like her daughter Daphne had been. She has never been shown with wings.

Marion could also have had the powers of the Dragon's Flame as it has never been revealed in the show who among Marion and Oritel used to be the Keeper of the Dragon Fire before Daphne although it is known that Oritel's sword obtained its power from the Dragon's Flame.

Marion has demonstrated her powers three times, when she transformed Bloom's outfit by magic into an appropriate horse riding one, when she was fighting in a vision of the story of the Company of Light when Bloom entered The Obsidian Circle and also during that vision when Marion used her magic to put herself in the sword of king Oritel.


  • The names Marion and Mariam are derived from Maria. Originally, the name Maria acted as the feminine counterpart to the Roman name Marius but, once Christianity had spread across the Roman Empire, it became the Latinized form of the name Miriam, the name of the Holy Mother Mary.
    • The name Miriam is one of Hebrew origins with various meanings like rebellious, "strong waters," mistress, "exalted one," "wished-for child," "ruling one" and beautiful.
    • One particular hypothesis is that the name originates from the Ancient Egyptian words myr (beloved) or mr (love), as the name the way the Ancient Hebrews had spelled the name Meritamen (or Merit-Amun), which means "beloved of the God Amun."
  • Marion is very similar to Earth Fairy High Queen Morgana in that the two were sealed in other realms while their homeworlds were destroyed around the same time, only to be set free by their respective daughters once they realized a major part of their fairy heritage and powers.
  • Marion's Nickelodeon voice actress, Larisa Oleynik, also voices Icy.
  • Currently, it is unknown as to whether Marion or Oritel was the one born into the Domino Royal Family.
    • If Marion's supposed use of the Dragon's Flame turns out to be true, then that would make her the royal heir as the Flame had been entrusted to the royal family since the Great Dragon began its slumber and thus, has been passed down solely from heir to heir. On the other hand, Oritel requires the use of his sword containing a spark of the Flame to actively wields its power.
    • However, many clues seem to point toward Oritel being the royal heir, from him being the only one who openly bears the royal family's crest to his title as king since, if Marion were the one born into the family, Oritel would never be addressed as king as it would imply that he holds authority over Marion. Additionally, he is the current Keeper of the Book of Fate, which is presumably a duty handed down from heir to heir upon rising to the throne.