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Mark appears in Season 4 as a musician in the same band as his best friends Andy and Rio. Mark is a minor character, along with Rio, and they are usually seen along with Andy.


He has short rather frizzy antique fuchsia colored hair and light colored eyes. He wears a small indigo scarf, long sleeves orange shirt that has an indigo, magenta and gray strips, light blue jeans and blue high tops. On one wrist he has two thick bracelets and on the other he has one.


Mark, like his band mates, loves music and has a great passion for it. He is also nice, a little spunky and a bit of a joker. He is quite observant as he noticed that Stella puts in great detail in even the most smallest things.


Season 4

Mark rocking his guitar

Mark rocking on his guitar

He is often seen in the Frutti Music Bar with Andy and Rio, playing music. When they are first introduced, Musa asks him if he could
Mark and Andy performing with Musa

Mark and Andy performing with Musa

show her the solo he had played, he agrees but tells Musa that she should start with the basics but gets impressed by how well she plays the guitar on her first try. He along with his friends often help the girls when needed and share Musa's love for music.


#85: Bad Dreams

At A New Club

Mark performing at the new club with his friends.

Mark debuts towards the end of Issue 85 performing alongside Andy, Rio and two girls at a newly opened club called the Cocoa Dancing Disco. Things only get stranger when the Winx also spot Jason who goes on to act like they are total strangers. After realizing that something is off, everyone in the club turns to stone and the interior becomes tattered, revealing that they had fallen into a magical trap.


  • Currently, Mark is the only member of his band that does not make any appearances in the comics outside of Issue 85.
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