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Martino is a PopPixie character. He is Caramel's twin brother.


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Martino's hair is normally spiked and somewhat in his face, worn back with a purple cloth. Along with a light colored long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled back to his elbows, underneath of a dark blue opened vest and a light blue bowtie at his neck. Also worn are baggy/loose jeans with purple markings, along with a loose, hanging lowly purple cloth belt. He wears light blue and purple shoes.

Martino's hair is slicked back, while still spiking and worn with a dark blue wrapping behind his head piece. He has on a green tank top underneath of a dark green vest like piece with lighter shades of green. Dark green pants with lighter green marks, and dark blue, light green, and light blue themed socks/leg-warmer type objects that may be boots with dark blue at the foot. He also has a green and dark blue wrist object on both wrist.



Famous for his skill and the spectacular way he prepares drinks, milk shakes and fruit cocktails, Martino puts the same energy into everything he does, both at work and in his everyday life. Combative and determined, he manages to get results that are sweet and absolutely delicious. Martino is a hot-headed amusing hurricane. He has a very strong character and likes be in the limelight. This clashes with the more reserved nature of Caramel. Despite their differences, the twins are very close and protect each other. Martino loves to show off and is very proud of his hair tuft that he combs, sleeks down and admires often.



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