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Matt Barrie is a character that appears in the second season of World of Winx. He is Peter Pan's son.


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Matt was born in London as the son of Peter Barrie and an unknown woman. He spent most of his youth there living under the roof of Wendy Darling, his father's close friend, until his father mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a letter and a kaleidoscope for his son.

As he grew older, Matt used the items his father left behind to search for answers, which led him to the Concert Hall. At one point, he earns a job at a local literary café but is fired shortly after for being the "worst waiter of the year."

After cracking the code of the Hall's fresco mural, Matt moved to Paris once he came of age, and eventually found himself at the Notre Dame Cathedral, where he found a portrait of a young girl with a forlorn expression. Matt became smitten with the image of the girl and would come up to the spire where her portrait was hidden to gaze upon it whenever he thought back to it.

Eventually, Matt enrolled into the Paris School of Fashion, where he earns himself a rather nasty reputation.

World of Winx

Season 2

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Magical Abilities

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Uses of Magic

  • Flight: Matt has the ability to fly without needing any help from the Winx.
  • Teleportation: Matt has the ability to transport himself instantaneously from one dimension to another.
  • Telepathic-Link: As seen in "Technomagic Trap," Matt shares a telepathic link with Tecna and his father sword, through which he could contact her and guide her the sword.


  • The last name "Barrie" is derived from the last name of Peter Pan's creator, J. M. Barrie.
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