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Headmistress Mavilla is the former headmistress of Alfea.


Mavilla has fair skin and dark brown hair tied into a bun with parts that are turning white. She wears a golden scarf on her neck that is tied at the back, a long pale green dress decorated with prints shaped like butterflies and a golden belt. Over these she wears a darker green coat with pale green flower prints and golden borders.


Mavilla is kind but very strict and was academically very rigorous since, when Roxy told her that she and the Winx were from a place where Fairy Animals lived free, she said that preferred using the Tome of Nature to train the Fairy Animals. She was especially more strict toward Faragonda since she was very clumsy.


Mavilla was the headmistress of Alfea during the time when Faragonda, Griselda and Kalshara were still students. Mavilla was later succeeded by Faragonda as headmistress.


Season 7

In "Young Fairies Grow Up," she introduces the Fairy Animal exhibition, but when it got disrupted she quickly ordered her Ligers to prevent the other Fairy Animals from escaping. Later, when the Winx with Faragonda returned back to Alfea and went to her office she was seen scolding Faragonda about the exhibition's disruption and she gratefully thanked the Winx for their intervention, but when Roxy told her that she and the Winx are from a place where the Fairy Animals live free in their natural habitat she tells that by using the Tome of Nature they can train the Fairy Animals.

In "Butterflix," Faragonda secretly went to her office to take the Tome of Nature and bring it to Kalshara, believing that Kalshara will tell her how to find her digmole through the tome.

In "The Golden Butterfly," she is about to erase the memories of the fairies of Alfea when the Winx arrive before she can complete her spell. She welcomes them and has Faragonda take them to the Secret Garden.

Magical Abilities

Mavilla may know first-level spells all fairies can learn such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Her magic is yellow in color.

Uses of Magic


  • The word Mavilla has had many terms for over 400 years, by 1693 the word became firmly stabilized as "Mobila" or "Movila".
  • On the RaiGulp website, it is mentioned that she has a passion for knitting and has a magical iron that floats around in her office.
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