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Maxine is a PopPixie character. A possibly narcissistic elf who seems to be a role model of sorts and is dating Rex.


Out of the two in the relationship, Maxine is the dominant one who is very malicious who is known for being both admired and envied. While Rex is a role model for all male elves, she is the role model for the girl ones.

Maxine's Civilian Outfit

She believes herself as the prettiest of all elves, using her charm to get her way and keeping Rex firmly where she wants him to be. However, she cannot stand being put on the spot in any situation and hates the Pixies, who are the only ones who manage to melt her icy demeanor.


Maxine is a fair-skinned elf with off-blue colored eyes. Her lipstick/gloss is a pale purplish color, while she wears blue eyeshadow. Her deep purple hair is shoulder length with multiple spiked bangs worn in a near-bob cut. Worn with a dark blue headband with pinkish-purple heart shaped skulls with small ribbons attached on both sides of the headband.
Maxine and Rex

Maxine and Rex in 18th century outfits

Maxine commonly wears a dark blue and gray themed tanktop with light purple sleeves and a small purple cloth piece in the center of her chest, along with a flowery shaped purple skirt with see-through and blue "petals" beneath it. Maxine also has on a dark blue belt/sash around her waist, a blue necklace, a blue and white wristband on her left arm and blue bracelets on her right. She also has on very thin purple and white striped stockings and dark blue-black boots.

Maxine's swimsuit

Maxine's Swimsuit

Maxine wears her normal headband and jewelry, along with a dark purple bikini and light pink heeled sandals with very thin purple wrapping going up midway her legs.


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Gypsy Gipps

Maxine as Gypsy Gips

Magical Abilities

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Concept art


  • In the planning stage, Maxine has the hairstyle similar to Tune's.
  • She bears a slight similarity in appearance with Lockette.
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