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The Mega Trix is a single entity composed of the Trix introduced in Season 2.


This creature has a dark purplish skin and brown pigtails and violet, empty eyes. She shines with a purple light and has no clothes - only Gloomix accessories like Icy's necklace, Stormy's and Darcy's bracelets plus new items like yellow bracelets on legs and as a belt. 


Her personality is a mix of Trix personalities. She is full of anger and wants to defeat Darkar and grab the Ultimate Power. Her anger is so big, that she forgets about revenge on Winx and unconsciously helps them during the battle.


Season 2

469px-~Birth of the MegaTrix~

Mega Trix being formed.

In "The Phoenix Revealed," the Trix combine their powers and become the Mega Trix. As Darkar and the Winx battle, the Mega Trix attack Darkar as they express their resentment. They attempt to snatch the Ultimate Power as it descends from the sky but is subdued by Darkar. After Darkar is defeated and Relix begins to fall into ruin, the Mega Trix stands in the vicinity groaning in anger.

Magical Abilities

The Mega Trix has the ability to manipulate ice and trap their enemy within it. They can also fly and send blasts of magic energy toward their enemy or catch him with their hair. Its implied that Mega Trix may have the abilities of all three of the Trix. It is also most likely their power source is dark magic.  

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