Mermaid's Lagoon (WoW)

The Mermaid's Lagoon is a location introduced in World of Winx.


The Mermaid's Lagoon is a large cove on the east coast of Neverland. It was once a beautiful place and the domain of the mermaids but after Tinkerbell's heart turned evil, she poisoned the lagoon, turning it into a hostile place full of gloom and mist.

The lagoon is surrounded by high cliffs with no vegetation. An algae covered path leads down to the water. Rising from the water are tall, sharp grey rocks of varying height.


Coral Prison

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Coral Prison

The Coral Prison is a green coral formation located in the deepest part of the Lagoon. Described as "strong and lethal" by the mermaids who reside in the Lagoon, the Coral Prison acts as a cell for the most dangerous criminals Neverland where they are eventually overtaken by the rising tide and drown. Towards the Season 2 finale, it was used to imprison Tinkerbell after she willingly stepped down but was not forgiven for the heartache she caused the people of Neverland.

World of Winx

Season 2

In "Mermaids on Earth," the Spirit of the World of Dreams summons the Winx and shows them a vision of three mermaids escaping the lagoon.

In "Old Friends and New Enemies," Jim escorts a powerless Tinkerbell to the Mermaid's Lagoon. As they reach the water, the three mermaids appear. Jim asks them to hold Tinkerbell prisoner. The White Mermaid opens the Coral Prison and Jim uses the bell's magic to throw Tinkerbell in. Jim asks the mermaids to guard her and to attack anyone who comes near. Later, the mermaids taunt and bully Tinkerbell. She begs them to stop but the White Mermaid charms Tinkerbell, telling her to "let yourself go to the tide". Tinkerbell is about to let the waters claim her but Matt sails into the lagoon to save Tinkerbell. The mermaids gleefully swim in to attack. The mermaids rock the boat and leap out of the water to grab Matt. The Blue Mermaid confronts Matt and attempts to enchant him. The others swim up to help charm him. Matt uses the Barrie Sword's magic to stir the waters and push the mermaids away. Matt destroys the prison but Jim attacks. He knocks Matt's sword into the lagoon and them pushes Matt overboard. As Matt tries to reach the surface, the mermaids grab him and pull him into the depths.

In "Tinkerbell is Back," Tinkerbell cries, believing that Matt is gone. One of her tears glows with a golden light. As it falls into the lagoon it illuminates the depths. The sword flies to Matt and its magic throws the mermaids away. Matt flies out of the water and defeats Jim. Tinkerbell changes back into a good fairy. The mermaids, seeing her as her former self are convinced that she is good again and apologize for the trouble they caused.

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