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Mermaid is a Fairy Form introduced in Sirene - Le Winx nel Mondo Sottomarino di Andros.


Responding to a cry for help from the mermaids of Andros, the Winx are transformed into mermaids by Ligea to explore the underwater world.


The fairies either retain their Winx wings or are granted a new pair. They gain sparkling, flowing tails and either fishnet, fabric, or floral tops. The hair increases in length and is either braided or beaded. Fairies gain various accessories including tiaras, arm cuffs, headbands, fascinators, and headphones.


In order to become a mermaid, a fairy must be transformed by a magic spell used by the mermaid queen.

Magical Abilities

As a mermaid, fairies are able to use their magic more easily underwater. They also acquire some characteristics specific to their underwater forms. Every fairy has a different type of characteristic:

  • Bloom: Underwater vital energy
  • Stella: Unaltered vanity
  • Flora: Moves flexibly and elegantly
  • Musa: Produces musical bubbles
  • Tecna: Studies her reaction to the new environment
  • Aisha: Has met her natural element

Ways to Acquire


  • Tecna is the only Winx to receive a new pair of wings instead of retaining those of her Winx.
    • Her mermaid tail also differs from other Winx girls. Hers looks like jellyfish's oral arms or tentacles while other Winx girls' look like fishtails.
  • It is known as "Aquatix" or "Mermaidix" among the fandom.


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