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Mike is Bloom's adoptive father. He found Bloom as a newborn baby trapped in a burning building. He rescued and later adopted her with his wife, Vanessa. He loves Bloom and thinks of her as his "little girl", much to Bloom's dismay. Mike worries about Bloom at times, but he always gives her his support. Mike provides a comic element in the series, as he is often shown in the more humorous situations throughout many episodes.


Mike has light blonde hair. He wears a light blue short-sleeved collared shirt, and dark blue jeans.

His firefighter uniform mostly consists of gray long sleeved jacket and pants with yellow stripes, his helmet is the same color as well.

Mike's pajamas are light-green long sleeved, buttoned shirt with long pants.

He wears a white turtle neck underneath a red v-neck sweater, brown pants and boots.

At the beach, he is seen wearing a yellow colored t-shirt, a hat, teal shorts and sandals.


Mike is a very protective person. He will not tolerate those who try to harm his family. He also had some issues when it came to magical beings and realms, seeking a more logical approach instead. Though, eventually he accepted them and when Bloom left to go to Alfea, Mike and Vanessa always had their arms open for her, always with her no matter what.

He is just as caring and understanding. For example, when Oritel was having issues with Bloom after being absent for most of her life, Mike provided insight to what she had gone through, which cleared up some of the misunderstandings.

Mike also seems to have bad luck, this is especially shown in Season 4. For instance, he accidentally shaved a large portion of his hair off after being startled by Musa suddenly playing her music at max volume or getting stuck waiting for the bathroom to the point of urgency, and then missing the chance to go to the bathroom. He also does not like it when his property is damaged, such as when Stella and Musa were trying to blast at a large spider during Diana's rage, and they kept missing which created large holes in his home; he calmly, with slight but noticeable irritation, asked the Winx girls to at least try to miss his house.

While he is selfless and kind, Mike does not have very high tolerance. Shown when the Winx (although he loves them) were starting to get on his nerves since staying at his home after arriving on Earth to find Roxy.

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Mike is a firefighter and lives with his wife Vanessa. He first found Bloom when she was a baby in a building that was on fire. He had noticed that she was protected by the flames, however he and Vanessa adopted her and raised her until Bloom discovered she was a fairy.



Mike at the sofa

Mike still in disbelief of Bloom being a fairy.

Mike was first seen in this season's first episode, where he gives Bloom her gift - a bicycle - much to the disappointment of Bloom. After Bloom discovered Stella and brought her back home, Mike was in much disbelief that she is a fairy. Stella was eventually able to prove herself and when she and Bloom went upstairs to talk, Mike and Vanessa had a talk about Bloom's real identity. Soon, Knut along with his hunting troll broke into the house and it was up to Stella and Bloom to put a stop to them, they were successful thanks to the arrival of the Specialists.

After everything was calm again, Mike and Vanessa had decided to allow Bloom to go to Alfea. But, not without them, they were planning to stay with her but could not pass through the magic barrier and thus they had to say their goodbyes and were returned home by Stella.

In the next episode, Bloom calls home to let her parents know how everything was and told Vanessa to give Mike a big hug and kiss.

Mike and Vanessa revealing to Bloom that she is adopted

Mike and Vanessa tells Bloom that she is adopted.

In "A Great Secret Revealed", Bloom came back home for a week's vacation. As she was riding her bike down the streets of Gardenia, Mike stopped his fire truck in order to greet her. Mike then spent the days with his family but these peaceful days would soon come to an end. When Vanessa refused to sign the contract that would allow the contractors to have reign over her flower shop, they continually threatened her.

Worried for his wife, he decided it was time to put an alarm. And after everyone had gone to bed, Bloom had a vision that the flower shop was on fire, thus prompting all three to go to the flower shop immediately. The flower shop was set in a blaze, Bloom then says that she will head inside to stop the fire, and Mike decided to go with her. They soon found the contractors' driver, trapped by the flames, Mike rescues him while Bloom stays behind to stop the fire. After the contractors' driver confessed everything, all was well until he and Vanessa noticed Bloom was not herself. She tells them that she had a vision of Mike saving a new born baby, Mike and Vanessa hesitated for a bit but realized it was time for Bloom to know that she was adopted.

Mike and Vanessa suspended above a black hole

After discovering that she was adopted, Bloom thought that the only thing she was certain about in her life was Brandon, who was actually Sky at the time. However, that certainty was also shattered and caused her to leave Alfea. She returned home, happily greeted by her parents. Both Mike and Vanessa comforts her by saying that they are glad that she is home but because Bloom could see people's aura she knew that that was not what he and Vanessa truly felt.

Bloom embracing her parents

The Trix then gave them a surprise visit, they captured Mike and Vanessa and hung them above a black hole, Bloom demanded to know why they were torturing her. The Trix tell her they are after her powers. She refuses which leads to Icy dropping Mike and Vanessa into the black hole. Thankfully, Bloom was able to save them. But the Trix then attack her and Icy encases her in ice. She then reveals to Bloom her origins and steals the Dragon's Flame. Mike and Vanessa rush to comfort her and Stella soon enters the room. Vanessa then tells Bloom to go back to Alfea to sort out the situation.

Mike was seen in "Spy in the Shadow" as Bloom journeys through her past in her psyche when Professor Avalon said he would help Bloom re-link her powers to become stronger.

Mike and Vanessa giving advice to Bloom

Mike with Vanessa as she gives advice to Bloom.

Mike is seen in episode nine, "The Heart and the Sword" after Sky was put under Diaspro's spell and broke Bloom's heart, she returns to Gardenia to seek comfort from her parents.

Mike escorting Erendor to the Winx

Mike escorting Erendor to the Winx

He and Vanessa played host to the girls when the girls came to earth looking for the last fairy of Earth, Roxy. It is also shown that Mike has a mature allergy of cats.

When the Winx were finally settled in their new place and their business was doing well, Mike and Vanessa went to visit them, it was then that Bloom returned the money she owned to her mother. They then left to allow them to get back to work.

In the episode "Nebula", Erendor was looking for Sky and Mike had brought him to the Winx so that they can answer Erendor's questions.

Mike, Vanessa and Kiko


Mike plays a minor role in the first film, providing information that he has a cat allergy. This information helps Bloom to understand that the Ancestral Witches were trying to trick her into removing her birth father's sword.

Mike in Second Movie

When the Winx teleported to Gardenia and then fainted, he and Vanessa took care of them. Being aware that the house is full of people, they both quickly introduce some restrictions, like numbers in the queue for the toilet or limited number of people having a meal at once. When Oritel and Marion arrive, he was a voice of reason for Bloom's biological father, as he is the man who raised her and as he was informed about Bloom's anger, so he calms her.


Bloom, Mike and Vanessa

He appears alongside his wife, Vanessa. He is seen in the dining room reading his newspaper and also giving Bloom her present. After Bloom brought home an unconscious Stella, she explained to him that she is fairy with real magical powers much to the disbelief of Mike. Stella soon awakens and proves herself that she is a fairy and not before long did Knut and his hunter troll barged into their home. After the ordeal, Mike allowed Bloom to go with Stella to Alfea. He and his wife tagged along until they realized they could not pass through the magical barrier at Alfea and were sent home.

MikeBloom - Sp2(1)

Mike promises to raise Bloom like his own daughter.

When Bloom came home for spring break, he spent time with her and Vanessa. However, after Bloom had a vision. She questioned both of them about it only for Mike to reveal that she is adopted. Bloom was now uncertain of herself and when she discovered Sky was engaged to Diaspro she returned home. That night, the Trix showed up and they terrorized Bloom by dropping Mike and Vanessa into a black hole. Bloom was able to save them but after doing so the Trix attacked her and revealed to her that she was the last princess of Domino and the keeper of the Dragon Flame, then stripped her of her powers; Mike had to watch the whole ordeal.

VanessaMike - Sp3

Mike and Vanessa went to comfort Bloom after the Trix had stolen her powers. Then a bright light shun into the living room, Mike was ready to deal with the Trix once more but his relief, it was only Stella. Vanessa then encouraged Bloom to return to Alfea and fix this problem once and for all.

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