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Mike is Bloom's adoptive father. He found Bloom as a newborn baby trapped in a burning building. He rescued and later adopted her with his wife, Vanessa. He loves Bloom and thinks of her as his "little girl", much to Bloom's dismay. Mike worries about Bloom at times, but he always gives her his support. Mike provides a comic element in the series, as he is often shown in the more humorous situations throughout many episodes.


Mike has short light blonde hair which is slicked back. He has side burns, dark blue eyes, a medium complexion and thick eyebrows.

He wears a light blue short-sleeved collared shirt, dark blue jeans, and blue sneakers.


Mike is a very protective person. He will not tolerate those who try to harm his family. He also had some issues when it came to magical beings and realms, seeking a more logical approach instead. Though, eventually he accepted them and when Bloom left to go to Alfea, Mike and Vanessa always had their arms open for her, always with her no matter what.

He is just as caring and understanding. For example, when Oritel was having issues with Bloom after being absent for most of her life, Mike provided insight to what she had gone through, which cleared up some of the misunderstandings.

Mike also seems to have bad luck, this is especially shown in Season 4. For instance, he accidentally shaved a large portion of his hair off after being startled by Musa suddenly playing her music at max volume or getting stuck waiting for the bathroom to the point of urgency, and then missing the chance to go to the bathroom. He also does not like it when his property is damaged, such as when Stella and Musa were trying to blast at a large spider during Diana's rage, and they kept missing which created large holes in his home; he calmly, with slight but noticeable irritation, asked the Winx girls to at least try to miss his house.

While he is selfless and kind, Mike does not have very high tolerance. Shown when the Winx (although he loves them) were starting to get on his nerves since staying at his home after arriving on Earth to find Roxy.


  • "Mike" is an abbreviation of "Michael", which is derived from the Hebrew name "Mikha'el", which means "Who is like God".
  • Like Bloom, Mike's last name is Peters in the US novels as presumably she gets her last name from her Earth parents.
  • Lockette's father (Bloom's Pixie) from the series, PopPixie bears a certain similarity to Mike.
  • It is revealed in "The Secret of The Lost Kingdom", that Mike has an allergy to pelage, which played an important part later in the first movie. It was later again seen in "The Last Fairy on Earth", after a Love & Pet cat was at his house.
  • Mike has appeared every season so far except for Season 7.