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This article is about Aisha's fairy pet. You may be looking for the character that appears in the comics.
Milly is Aisha's fairy pet.



She is a white bunny with pink bangs and blue eyes. She wears two carrot-shaped hair decorations. Sometimes, she also wears a green outfit with two carrot ear decorations. Her wings are orange.


She enjoys working out and fights for Kiko's attention.


Season 4


Milly and Aisha cuddling.

Milly originated from a stuffed bunny rabbit that the Winx were going to throw away, until Flora used her nature powers to bring them to life. Since then, she has been seen around the Love & Pet store, typically with Aisha. She was also present during Roxy's fight with Gantlos, trying to help Roxy defeat him.


#60: Future Adventures

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