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Minotaur is a legendary creature appears in Season 6.


The Minotaur is a bipedal bull. It has brown hair which is tied down with cream, red and brown bands of strings. It also has a pair of golden horns. It wears gold and brown armour. It also has darks eyes, and has bandages on one of it's arms. 


Season 6

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The Minotaur deflecting Stella's attack.

In "Queen for a Day", the Minotaur made its appearance after Stella finally find her way to the labyrinth.

In "Stella's Big Party", Stella faces Darcy as the evil Ariadne and the Minotaur. Stella uses her attacks against it but the Minotaur deflect the attack by using its horns causing it to hit right back at Stella. However, Stella uses one of her special attacks which cause it to blind its eyes temporary and then she finally trap the Minotaur in a cage of light thus defeating it. After she defeats the Minotaur, Darcy fled away and made Stella lose her way in the Labyrinth.

Magical Abilities

It is able to deflect any attacks by its horns. It can also jump high too.


Despite being powerful, the Minotaur is not durable against a powerful source of light.



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