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Mirta is a girl who stood out amongst the other witches of Cloud Tower and has the ability to produce illusions using her imagination and emotions. She has often been ridiculed by the Trix at Cloud Tower because of her opinion that Witches and Fairies are not very different from each other and that they can be friends. Mirta even attempts to help Bloom on one occasion and ends up by being turned into a pumpkin by Icy. At the end of Season 1, she transfers to Alfea and becomes a fairy.


She is a pale girl with freckles, grey eyes, and short burgundy hair that has a long blue streak in it, with a few beads separating it from the rest of her hair.


She wears a frayed white shirt with a pumpkin decal in the middle, a gray shirt underneath that shirt, and a black vest that covers both. Her black skirt has a gray layer on it and is held up by two belts, white and dark red respectively. She wears dark red leggings underneath the skirt. Her black boots are knee-high with grey straps on them. She accessorizes with grey arm cuffs and a red gem necklace.

Winx Form

She wears a pink mini tank top with dark blue straps and a matching skirt. She also wears dark blue sparkly gloves, knee-high, light teal boots with pink heels. Around her neck and and on her skirt, she wears a grey diamond-shaped pendant. Her wings resemble a butterfly's and are slightly bigger than most of the fairies'.


Mirta is a sweet and shy girl who wants fairies and witches to get along. Mirta's personality is similar to Flora's. At Cloud Tower, Mirta was not fitting in, though she was nice to everyone else there. Mirta places a high value on friendship.

She has grown more cheerful throughout the series as she develops more friendship with the fairies of Alfea.

Even if Mirta (like Flora) is easily afraid, she is also very selfless, as shown in Season 1, when she stood between a hurt Bloom and the Trix; or when she told Flora to not worry about her and go help the others against the Nightmare Gargoyle, or in Season 3 when she was determined to find out what happened to Lucy.


Season 1

Mirta appears near the end of Issue 14 working at a hair salon, telling the Winx that she got a job in cases the whole "magic thing" doesn't work out for her, and to have some extra money. She is later seen helping the Winx girls. 

Magical Abilities

Mirta discovering Icy's next plan

Mirta, as Fairy of Illusions, has illusion-based powers. She is best at creating diversions and making others believe in something that is not real. Since she can also make illusions from emotions, her powers could be empathic/psychic in nature. Mirta can create shields and summon large beasts, and she can also use her powers to summon projections of people in real-time. Mirta manifests her power into "emo images". Her magic can be either purple or orange in color. 

Mirta may know some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. She has disaplyed the ability to conjure dark spells, but not much of this skill was shown.

Uses of Magic

Mirta fighting the witches in her fairy form.

  • Super Vibration
  • "Soria Veconvalant Emperi Jubula": She lifts her hands and says the incantation, then a concentration of blue magical energy arises from the surface and slowly becomes a purple color, it finally becomes a sort of projection that reveals what her targeted candidate's intentions are. Used against the Trix in "Bloom's Dark Secret".
  • "By the absolute powers of darkness, I command you to- ": An incomplete, dark spell spoken in the first movie in which a dark aura surrounds her. Mirta did not complete it as she was interrupted by Professor Wizgiz's who scolded her for using dark magic.


  • On the Winx Club website, you can dress up your avatar with Mirta's civilian outfit.
  • In the Specials, Mirta does not have her freckles.
  • In the movies, Mirta's hair appears to be magenta.
  • Mirta and Lucy's friendship is similar to Faragonda and Griffin's friendship.
  • Mirta is one of the catalysts in forming friendship between Fairies and Witches.
  • Both Mirta and Lithia are voiced by Natalie Lander in the Nickelodeon version.
  • Her name has Spanish and Greek origin and means "crown of thorns".
  • Mirta's Italian voice actress also voices Lemmy.
  • In some episodes of the Cinélume dub, she is called "Mista" for unknown reasons.
  • Before she became a fairy, she and Darcy shared the same title as the Witch of Illusions.