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Mitzi is the school rival and neighbor of Bloom in Gardenia. Socially ambitious to a fault, she spent the larger portion of her life trying to be the most popular girl at Gardenia, often annoying and irritating others through her incessant boasting. Mitzi comes from a wealthy family and expects to get anything she wants, much like Diaspro.


Mitzi has long black hair, parted on one side. Along with fair skin and eyes covered with dark blue glasses.


Mitzi wears a green tank top with a single line being yellow in color with small cut-out sections going down the center. She also wears khaki capris. This is her most consistent civilian outfit.

  • In season 2, she wears a dark blue tank top. The edge of the top near the chest and end of the shoulders have gray ruffles. From the bottom of the chest down to her hips is a gray translucent fabric.
    • In season 4, she is also seen carrying an orange, long hobo handbag that has skinny straps and is mostly opened. The bag is decorated with large flowers that have skinny green petals and yellow dot in the center.
  • In season 5, her usual civilian attire has been slightly altered. The cut-out sections have been colored in with a lighter green color and she has a green wristband on one wrist, the other is the same color but wraps her wrist in a crossing motion.

Halloween Costume

Mitzi wears a dark purple-blue tank top and skirt with very long pieces of cloth streaming from the skirt, along with knee length dark pink-purple pointed toe boots and a small pumpkin purse.

Fourth Sister Ghost Costume

The ghost costume she wears to scare the Winx is an extremely long, gray shroud. The sleeves surpass the length of her arms and hands, they are jagged and begin thinning towards the ends. The bottom part of the shroud is a also jagged in design.

When Mitzi wore the costume, she had to remove her glasses and tuck her hair in the tightly wrapped hood. She then dons on the mask which features black, long straight hair in which a thick strand looms over the middle of the face. The eyes are completely red, angled to give it an angered look. The mouth hangs open, forming a diamond shape and exposing its sharp-looking teeth.

Beneath the costume, she wears purple tights and wooden pegs wrapped around her lower legs with two straps.

Dark Fairy Form

Mitzi's hair is worn in low pigtails, resembling Stella's original fairy form. Held with very thin silver pieces. Her glasses have turned a dark magenta color, while her outfit consist of a dark green tanktop with long pink un-attached sleeves, a purple skirt with dark green straps, and above the knee dark magenta stockings/socks and dark green boots with purple platforms.

Band Outfit

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Mitzi is very self-centered, hot-headed, and expects to get anything she wants. She hates nature, as seen in "The Lilo". Mitzi is extremely spoiled, holds long-term grudges and loves shopping. A haughty person in general, she is usually be mean to people like the Winx and her sister, Macy. She is shown to be a sadist as she enjoys tormenting (especially those who are in emotional distress) and mocking people. Mitzi is also very cruel as she almost purposely ran over Kiko all while maintaining an amused, devilish smile.

When she is infatuated with a guy, she can turn into a stalker. If her crush is already in a relationship she will not hesitate to try and break it apart. She also does not think of the consequences of her actions, especially if there is a chance for her to take down her enemies, such as following the Wizards of the Black Circle to the sewers because they would like her and her friends' assistance in taking down the Winx.

During her magic training with the Wizards, she used other people's cars as training tools; levitating them then letting them crash onto the ground. Absolutely no concern for damaging other people's property indicating that she is inconsiderate. It seems she also has a short attention span as she quickly got bored of levitating cars and wanting to do other things.

In the comics, Mitzi has displayed faith in her friends' abilities, such as telling Stacy to have faith in her musical abilities as she once attended a music academy. She is also a determined individual. The comics also reveal that she is skilled in cooking.

She thinks highly of herself; in the fourth season she proudly proclaims herself to be "pretty, funny, smart" and was extremely offended when Brandon did not see nor cared for these qualities. Brandon has stated that she is clingy; he describes it as "having another shadow."

Magical Abilities

Mitzi charges up.

During her brief time as a Dark Fairy, Mitzi's powers were affiliated with negative energy because the Wizards of the Black Circle were the ones who imbued her with their magic. She gained generic magical abilities such as flight, manifesting and projecting magical energy in its many forms and types.

However, as she is inexperienced, training is required from the Wizards. After some training, she was able to use her powers with ease but her skills were not on par with the Winx due to their higher experience level and she was easily outmatched. When she shot a ball of magical energy at Stella, the latter had no trouble diffusing it with her shield and easily knocked Mitzi aside with her own magic.

As she is not a true fairy, Mitzi radiated negative energy which is sensed by real fairies and serves as an indicator of a false fairy.

Mitzi attacks.

Because her powers were given to her, and were powered by people's negative feelings towards magic, if their negative feelings ceases so does the strength of her magic.

Uses of Magic

  • Dark Energy Projection: She projects purple energy that can destroy obstacles, set fire and paralyze others, and project beams of energy.
  • Shield: Mitzi changes her beams of dark energy into a bright purple shield, reflecting Bloom's Dragon Heart.


  • Mitzi is a name of German origin and which means "bitter", which suits her personality as she often has a bitter attitude towards most people.
  • Mitzi's voice actress for the Nickelodeon episodes, Daniella Monet, coincidentally portrays similar characters on other shows produced by Nickelodeon. These include Rebecca (from Zoey 101) and Trina Vega (from Victorious).
  • Although Mitzi appears in the first two seasons, she does not appear in Nickelodeon's Winx Club specials, yet she was introduced in Season 4.
  • Even though Mitzi first appeared in season 1 episode 1, she did not have a major role until Season 4.
  • It is revealed that Mitzi has a sister, as shown in Season 5, whose name is Macy.
  • She is a fan of the Trix, while her sister cheers for the Winx.
  • Mitzi makes two non-speaking appearances in season six when she is shown attending the Gardenia goth ball. She appears dressed in her dark fairy form (but without her wings) from season four.
  • Stella and Tecna have criticized her sense of style. Tecna has called her Season 2 outfit "tacky". And in Season 4, Stella called her an "awful dresser."
  • Jodie Resther, the voice of Tecna in the Cinélume dubs of Season 2 to Season 4, also provides Mitzi's singing voice in Season 4.
  • Mitzi's 4Kids voice actress, Lisa Ortiz, also provided the voices for Musa, Icy, and Digit.