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Sky S6 Trailer 2
Moon Khukuri is Sky's magical weapon. It is first seen in the 6th season's trailer. It makes its debut in "The Flying School".


It is a khukuri with a light blue energy blade.



In "The Flying School", Sky receives the khukuri and a shield before his match against Thoren. Since then, he uses it it every battle, along with the shield.

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#124: Attack of the Centaurs

Sky uses the khukuri against the Centaurs to help back up the Winx. He strikes down one of the Centaurs alongside Helia and his Rose Thorn Bracelets but incorrectly shouts the weapon's name as Kukri Moon.

Magical Abilities

Once swung, the khukuri releases a wave of light blue energy that can be used to knock the opponent down.


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