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Morgana is Roxy's mother and the former queen of the Earth Fairies.


Morgana has a pale complexion, tan colored eyes and dark ashy purple hair color. Her hair is long, ending just above her knee. It has a split in the middle, the hair then frames the top of her forehead alongside long side fringes.

She has an angular face with high cheekbones, pronounced jawline and chin.



This outfit consists of a pale orange, sleeveless turtleneck which have thin straps on her upper arms. She wears two bracelets, one lavender and one blue. Her pants are tight and below the knee and wears strapless sandal heels.


She wears short-sleeved teal shirt. The borders of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt have three stripes (colored, from top to bottom, light green, lavender and daffodil). He has on skinny jeans and purple pumps.


She has long dark brown hair that is just below her knees with a crown on top and dark grayish-violet eyes. She has a slim body and slender, long arms. She wears a sleeveless dress and long gloves that go up to just below the shoulder. Her gloves and dress drape down and she has a layered skirt. Her dress and wings are leaf-based. Her face is different from many other female characters as her face is shaped more long.


She is caring, sweet and kind to the Winx, mostly to Roxy. But when it comes to serious things about Tir Na Nog, she will do anything. She used to be enemies to the Winx and cared only about vengeance.

Magical Abilities

As a Fairy, Morgana's magical powers are drawn from positive feelings and energy. Additionally, it is safe to assume that her powers are immense thanks to her status as the Earth Fairy High Queen before willingly abdicating it. She possesses the generic abilities all magical beings have, which include flight and spell casting. Her magic is green and yellow in color. 

As a fairy she may know first-level fairy spells like telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes.  

She can also communicate with other fairies using telepathy and can channel great amounts of energy. She can project powerful energy beams at her enemies or energy waves that can render them unconscious.

Uses of Magic

  • Unnamed teleportation spell: Morgana uses this spell whenever she appears. Use of transportation rather than flying. 
  • Energy beams: Morgana projects volatile and dangerous beams.

    Morgana restoring Klaus' memories.

  • Telepathic link: Morgana shares a telepathic link with her daughter, Roxy, through which she could mentally contact her in either dreams or visions, warning her of dangers and guiding her.
  • "The magic of the Wizards of the Black Circle has vanished, open your mind...": Morgana touches her finger to Klaus' forehead and a light green glowing sphere appears. This spell was used to restore Klaus memories of herself, removing the spell the Wizards of the Black Circle had placed on him to forget about Morgana. Used in ”Ice and Fire”.
  • Opening portals: Morgana uses this spell to allow others to go to their destination.


  • A possible inspiration for Morgana might be Morgan le Fay from the Arthurian Legend who was described as a sorceress/fay (fairy) with formidable powers and who was the enemy of King Arthur and was ever plotting the downfall of humanity (similar to Morgana's Great Revenge against the humans after the Winx freed her), as references to the Arthurian Legend were made when Faragonda was telling the Winx the story of the Earth Fairies (one of the images Faragonda showed to the Winx depicted the Lady of the Lake, who has often been associated with Morgan le Fay, holding Excalibur). Morgan le Fay was said to have the power of raising castles over the sea and to control the winds, hence the common expression Fata Morgana for mirages commonly seen off the coast of Sicily which were attributed to her.
    • Tir Na Nog, Morgana's Kingdom in Winx Club, is inspired from a legendary island of Irish mythology that was considered to be a place beyond the edges of the map, located on an island far to the west. It was there that the Tuatha Dé Danann (pre-Christian Gods of Ireland, who later, in popular folklore, became the Fairies) settled when they left Ireland's surface - similar to how the Earth Fairies were imprisoned in their own kingdom after disappearing from the human world. It could be reached by either an arduous voyage or an invitation from one of its fairy residents.
    • Tir Na Nog from Winx Club was also inspired by the island of Avalon from the Arthurian legend, which was similar to the Irish Tír na nÓg. According to the Arthurian legend, Morgan le Fay lived on Avalon with her eight sisters.
  • Roxy resemblances her with her eye shape and hair type.
  • Morgana physically appeared in Roxy's dream in "Love & Pet", but her first speaking role was in "Winx Believix" when she appeared to Roxy as a disembodied voice in the sewer to give her encouragement. Her only appearance where she appeared both physically and speaking was in "The Enchanted Island" where the Winx Club came face to face with her and the other Earth Fairies.
  • How Morgana helped Roxy to discover, control and use her powers is similar to how Daphne helped Bloom in Season 1, the main difference being that Daphne was "dead" while Morgana was sealed in her own kingdom.
  • Morgana's appearance strongly resembles a sketch Bloom had drawn that was shown during the intro of the very first episode.
  • She and Marion (Bloom's mother), share some similarities in that both their respective kingdoms were destroyed at around the same time, and were sealed in another realm and were finally saved by their daughters after many long years.
  • As former queen and the mother of the future Queen of the Earth Fairies, her title would be Queen Mother once Roxy ascends to the throne.
  • In Issue 68, her hair is colored black instead of brown.
  • In Issue 133, she is seen wearing her crown even though she succeeded the throne to Nebula.