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Multi-mouth monster
Multi-Mouth Monster is one of Darkar's minions that appear in Season 2.


It is dark purple. It is large and is shaped similar to that of a cone on its side; it has multiple mouths - on its back and sides, the teeth are sharp and spaced apart from each other. Its body appears to be plated. Its head is longer, narrower, and smaller than its body. It has three red eyes on both sides of its head, a horn, and two front feet.


Season 2

In "Race Against Time," when the Winx (except Bloom) are searching for the pixies, the Multi-Mouth Monster appears alongside the Hell Mastiff. Stella destroys the other monster, and they face the Multi-Mouth Monster. Musa bounces it into the air, Flora traps it with vines, and Stella finishes the monster with an attack. In death, the monster explodes into slime which splashes all over the five Winx, preventing them from using their wings.


  • The way the monster explodes into slime when destroyed is similar to the Boomers from Left 4 Dead.
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