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Musa is the Fairy of Music. She hails from Melody and currently acts as its Guardian Fairy. Musa is the daughter of Matlin and Ho-Boe, and is the girlfriend of Riven. She and her boyfriend, Riven, have a rocky and difficult but passionate relationship. Musa is a skilled singer and musician. She is one of the founding members of the Winx Club, being the fifth Winx girl introduced after Bloom, Stella, Flora and Tecna, and is an alumna/student of the Alfea College for Fairies.


Musa has a light, almost pale skin tone, dark blue hair, and thin dark blue eyes. While initially kept in short pigtails, Musa has let her hair grow out from Season 3 onwards thanks to a spell that lengthened it down to her waist, and has since styled it in many other ways, especially in comparison to the other Winx girls.


Winx Club

For Season 1 and most of Season 2, Musa keeps her hair tied up in short high pigtails. Her outfit consists of a small red tank top that exposes her midriff and has a single strap that runs over her right shoulder, a single thin purple armlet that is usually worn around her right bicep but can be seen around her left one on occasion, baggy blue jeans that she keeps sagging low enough to show the part of her pink underwear and big red sneakers with white soles.

For Season 2 and Season 3 as stated earlier, Musa's hair grows considerably in "The Princess Ball", causing her short pigtails to grow down to her waist while it is still tied up with two chin-length hair strands in front of her ears. She wears a sleeveless turquoise tube top with orange stripes that run in a checkered pattern, an orange belt with a square white buckle wrapped around her waist that makes the ends of the tube top flare out, almost causing it to look like a miniskirt over light blue jeans, long disconnected pastel blue sleeves with big turquoise cuffs, and big turquoise sneakers with dark blue soles.

For Season 4, Musa's hair is not tied up in her signature pigtails, opting to let her hair flow freely down behind her as she also discards her typical hime cut bangs by keeping them in a side-swept style instead. She wears a pastel pink tank top under a short-sleeved magenta shirt with white polkadots and longer, maroon-colored sleeves that run down to her wrists, a black belt with a square, silver buckle and several silver rings, a deep pink-and-black plaid miniskirt, white knee-high socks each with a pair of reddish-pink that run across the top horizontally, and magenta-colored high-heels with white polkadots similar to her shirt.

For Season 5, Musa wears a small sleeveless magenta vest over a pastel pink tank top with the phrase "I ♥ Music" printed on it (only in official stock art with the heart being purple and covered in sparkles), purple arm warmers, a thin lilac-colored belt that runs through blue capris, and blue knee-high, high-heeled boots with a dark fishnetted design and open toes. She also wears an assortment of different accessories such as her yellow headphones (adorned with red jewels in official art), a long necklace made up of red, blue and purple beads, and some hooped bracelets; a pair of thin red ones followed by a thicker blue bejeweled one on both of her arms. Her hime cut-styled bangs make a return as she now ties a bit of her hair is into a small but noticeable bun, leaving the rest to flow freely as it is now long enough to rest at knee-length.

In Season 6, Musa wears a white top with a pink and grey checkered sweater along with a matching pink tie. Her skirt is a patterned plaid with blue stripes. Her tights are grey with deep blue polka-dots while her heels are deep blue with pink bows. Musa's hair is parted into two large pigtails with flowy long waves in the back and bangs in the front.

In Season 7, Musa wears a neon pink vest with black trim on top of a deep purple blouse with pastel lavender sleeves. She also wears a pastel pink skirt with black stripes and little black bows. Her stockings are deep purple with little bows and her shoes are neon pink with aqua green heels with a black/white checkered pattern. Musa's hair is straight, covered with a pink headband. She also has golden hoop earrings along with a dark blue tie with a note in the middle.

In Season 8, Musa's hair is straight where it now appears to stop above her ankles in the back with her usual square bangs in the front. She wears a purple headband with a purple bow on the right side, a long laced purple dress with white sleeves and a purple vest, grey leggings underneath her dress with white lace with matching white lace trim. Her boots are brown with white trim, magenta ribbons and purple stockings underneath. Musa's accessories consists of aqua blue headphones along with a variety of necklaces and a belt.

World of Winx

For both seasons her outfit consists of an ocean blue top with a variation of blue and pink gemstones and a pink bow decal along with a teal tank underneath. Her skirt is a mixture of pink and blue with cutouts shaping triangles and diamonds along with a detailed belt with blue and white rhinestones. Her stockings are different variations and textures of blue with pink high heels. On her left arm she has a studded aqua bracelet while on her right she has a watch with a few hooped bracelets. Musa's hair is a sapphire blue with bangs in the front with lengthy waves in the back.

Fairy Forms

Though she is recognized as the Fairy of Music, anything related to music acts as a minor detail within most of Musa's Fairy Forms, like the headphones she wears in her Winx, the note-shaped wings she gains in Believix, or just any small note-shaped accessories.

Interestingly, her color palette also makes a major shift; starting out from red with her Winx and gaining yellows and golds as accents with Enchantix, only for blue to replace the yellows in Believix and onward. The hard red that initially acted as the primary color to her Fairy Forms gradually became more and more pink, even shifting to purple completely with Bloomix.


Musa loves music, dancing, singing, and playing all instruments, but her favorite instrument is the concert flute, the first instrument she ever learned to play. Musa usually plays amazing music, but plays best when she is alone by herself in Alfea in a quiet spot. Despite being the most tomboyish of the Winx, she is perhaps the most emotionally vulnerable, and she balances this by putting up a tough front. Surprisingly (considering Tecna is the brain of the group), Musa gets the best grades of her friends, as mentioned in "Honor Above All". Her emotional weakness is the result of her mother's death and her father is far away. She is also a bit of a loner though over time she becomes more open and closely bonded to the rest of her friends. She also loses more of her tomboyish attitudes and appearence over time.

She has a strong will and personality which unfortunately makes her clash with her boyfriend Riven the most among the group, which even cumulates in their break-up in season 6. Musa shows her maturity by that choice, understanding that relationships do not always work out, and it is perfectly fine to go seperate paths, yet without animosity towards each other. She can, however, be judgemental and have pre-concieved notions about people regarding their past, which can make her pretty distrusting, as demonstarted by her attitude towards Riven in season 8.

Magical Abilities

Winx Club

Musa's opera singing communication technique.

Musa, as the Fairy of Music, has music-based powers. Musa's powers are connected not just with music but the actual power of sound waves and sonic pressure. Musa can manipulate things by creating sonic booms which cause rumbling and crashes. She can also create sonic vibes and pulses which charge through the air like energy blasts. Musa is able to create sonic waves which hypnotize and block the line of sight. Musa can unleash disrupting sonic booms which can split the earth and crash in the air. She can create disco-ball force-fields, distracting musical blasts, and virtual speakers which enclose around an enemy and immobilize them through incredibly loud bass music. Musa can also create walls and barriers of the Grand Staff.

Musa is also able to release sound waves that can be used to calm others and even put them to sleep. Musa can release mental sound waves to communicate with other civilians from Melody and displays this again with her fairy animal. Musa has developed the ability to control others (bodies) by dancing, generating a miniature earthquake by placing her hand on the ground and generating low-pressure sound waves, and even imprisoning others in a sound field. She is capable of controlling musical instruments allowing her to silence, conjure, and levitate them.

Winx Club Season 5 episode 11 - Trix In Ambush !! ENGLISH !! FULL !! -HD-.mp4 snapshot 11.25 -2012.12.01 16.49.12-.jpg

Musa also knows basic first-level spells such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, fixing minor messes etc. Naturally, as the Guardian fairy of music; Musa is a naturally gifted singer even getting a record deal from a famous music producer. This also applies to musical instruments as she is able to recognize the sound of any musical instrument as well as playing them with ease. Musa learned to opera sing from her mother allowing her to communicate with birds. She has naturally enhanced hearing along with a strong willed voice.

When Musa and Flora were fighting Valtor, he was able to weaken her with the power of silence meaning that she is weakened if there is no sound. Not only is she weaken when their is no sound but wasn't even able to transform and only use basic spells when her voice was stolen in The Music Cafe.

World of Winx

Dreamix Musa.jpg

Musa still maintains her status as the Fairy of Music and thus, retains her music and sound-oriented powers. She mainly uses her powers to create sound waves capable of either disorienting her opponents by damaging their eardrums or disrupting certain attacks and traps. She can also create barriers made from sound waves that can completely disrupt oncoming attacks and can expand these barriers to act as wide-scale attacks. She seems capable of imbuing sound amplifying properties to objects like she does to a broken microphone in the Season 2 episode "A Flower in the Snow" and, much like in earlier seasons of the main series, Musa possesses sensitive hearing.

This time around, Musa uses her powers in more strategic and practical ways than she does either offensively or defensively. She is capable of picking up on a person or creature's location by sending out sound waves like a radar in a similar way to echolocation and does so in many instances like when she needed to locate Annabelle and the Crocodile Man in the episodes "New Powers" and "The Fall of the Queen" respectively. By Season 2, this ability of hers is further amplified upon gaining Onyrix as her special Onyrix Power, Sound Harmony, allows her to hone in on a target's sounds so that she can effectively track them down. She can also keep a person's vocal imprint memorized in case she needs to track them down at a later time. She is also capable of recreating certain sounds to lure enemies out of hiding and this can be seen when she lures the Crocodile Man out by replicating the sound of footsteps in the episode "The Legend of the Crocodile Man."

Naturally, Musa's powers come with a weakness: dissonance or the lack of harmony. Her powers can be effectively nullified if she is pitted against a foe capable of creating stronger and more erratic sound waves as they would cancel out her own. If they are strong enough, they can also cause Musa physical harm, giving her a feeling that her head is being split apart.

Additionally, it is revealed in the first episode of Season 2 that the Winx's powers, Musa's included, are generated from dreams and thus, are closely linked with the World of Dreams. According to the Spirit of the World of Dreams, the Winx would lose their fairy magic should the World of Dreams fall into ruin.

Uses of Magic

  • Exclamo - Used to create an ear-shaped passageway in the wall in which audio can be transmitted.
  • Telepahtic communication

Known Transformations

  • Bird
  • Monsterous mutant seal


  • Birthday: May 30[1]
  • Astrological Sign: Elf
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Favorite Hobby: Playing music & singing!
  • Ideal Boyfriend: Riven, mysterious, boyish and a bit of a rebel!
  • Best Friend: Tecna
  • Favorite Movies: Musicals!
  • Loves: Performing on the stage in front of a crowd! It's a rush!
  • Favorite Music: Hip-hop, R&B, jazz, rock, classical, pop... you name it, I love all kinds of music!
  • Favorite Spell: Sonic Wave

Transformation Sequences



  • According to Iginio Straffi, creator of the Winx Club series and franchise, Musa's appearance was modeled on the actress Lucy Liu.
  • The name Musa may come from:
    • The Italian word "musa" which means "muse" (inspiration), derived from the Muses of Greek Mythology, who are nine goddesses who inspire the creation of literature and arts, and who were considered as being the source of the knowledge that is contained in poetic lyrics and myths.
    • The short form of the word Musica, meaning "music", itself derived from the Greek word "mousike", meaning "Art of the Muses".
    • In the Welsh dub of Winx Club Musa's name was changed to Martha. This is because the name Musa sounded too much like the Welsh word Mws which means stalling or stinking.
  • Musa has Gemini for her zodiac sign. She shares this with Aisha, and, in the 4Kids dub, Tecna.
  • Musa is one of the four Fairies that has not traveled to her own realm to receive their Enchantix, though she earned it by saving the Princess of her own realm, Galatea, who was then a freshman student at Alfea at the time.
  • In the planning stages, Musa originally had short green hair and wielded a flute. She appears to have slightly bigger eyes in her original drawings. Comparing type planning stages and the current drawing of Musa, she has changed the most.
  • Musa's address is 10 Rock Street, as seen in the book "English with Winx".
  • Musa has had the most hair changes in the whole series. First, her scrapped prototype design, then she had short black pigtails, then she had them lengthened, then, she removes the pigtails altogether, wearing her hair like Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha. Then, she wears her hair in pigtails again in Season 6 and finally goes back to wearing her hair down in Season 7.
  • Currently, the only seasons in which Musa does not sing are the first and third ones.
  • Musa (except in the 4Kids dub), Flora, and Tecna are the only Winx who are not princesses.
    • However, in Winx on Ice: The Novel of the Show, when Bloom is encouraging her friends to continue to fight against the Trix and find Carolina, she says "we are princesses", implying that Tecna, Flora and Musa may somehow be related to royalty.
  • In the earlier seasons she was shown to be tomboyish, but in the later seasons she is wearing skirts and has become softer, unlike her old tomboyish self.
  • She is the only member of the Winx who did not use her Sirenix Wish in Season 5.
    • It is possible that she was able to make her wish but did not. After she saved the singing whales with her song, she returned to her father and said, "I miss her [her mother] so much....I was thinking that maybe I could use my wish to bring her back to life, but I know that's not right."
  • Musa's second Cinélume voice actress, Anik Matern, also provided the voice for her mother in Season 2.
    • Both Sarah McCullough and Anik Matern also voiced Stormy.
  • Musa's Nickelodeon voice actress, Romi Dames, also voices Cherie.
  • She and Tecna are the only Winx girls who have their pixies changed in Season 6.
  • Her eyes sometimes appear to be purple, but since her first appearance, they were mostly shown to be blue.
  • She and Tecna are the only Winx Club members who share a room with each other.
  • Musa shares her birthday with Iginio Straffi.
  • Musa is the only Winx member who does not have any spoken Mythix spells in Season 6.
  • Musa never entered the Legendarium World alone.
  • Musa's hair in Sirenix and Bloomix have light blue highlights.
  • She is the fourth Winx to turn evil as shown in "Secret of the Ruby Reef" when she was turned into a monster by Tritannus.
  • She is the only Winx member that has the least Bloomix spells, which are two: Crystal Voice and Infinite Echo.
    • She is also the only Winx who never uses a Mythix spell at all in Season 6. This makes her the only Winx girl whose only known Mythix spell, Sound Triad, is one exclusive to the comics, as she never got a chance to use any in the animated series.
  • Like in Season 1, she again has blue colored wings in Season 7.
  • Musa's 4Kids voice actress: Lisa Ortiz, voices Cherie and Chloe in DuArt dub.
  • She shares her DuArt voice actress with Shiny.
  • She is the only Winx member to lose her voice to an enemy (in "The Music Cafe").
    • The loss of her voice might be a reference to Ariel of The Little Mermaid of the Disney franchise in 1989, since both are also musicians and lost their voice in the middle of the plot until they recover it some time later.
  • Musa experiences the longest lasting comic-exclusive romances out of the Winx. She has also experienced the most romantic relationships within the comics in addition to her relationship with Riven.
    • Her relationship with Mitril lasted for two to three issues (Issues 8 and 14 mostly) even though it never became more than having an attraction towards him.
    • Her relationship with Brian only lasted for one issue (Issue 57) and the two developed a mutual romantic interest in each other despite the fact that Musa was still dating Riven at the time.
    • Her relationship with Lukas also lasted the longest, up to three issues (Issues 79, 80 and 84), and it is implied that the two were dating.
  • Musa also cycles through the most occupations amongst the Winx in the comics.
    • Her first job is as an assistant to Miss Barbatea in the Alfea Libraries, which she gets in Issue 9.
    • She later becomes the owner of Sifelius' pavilion in Issue 38 which she uses as a rehearsal station for young aspiring musicians to practice in for a specific amount of time.
    • In Issue 79, Musa briefly works at a club called Disco Dance.
    • Once Sifelius is unable to prevent the area where the pavilion is located from being used as area for a new road, Musa is given ownership of a warehouse in the outskirts of Magix City in Issue 80 that she and the Winx turn into their personal clubhouse as well as another rehearsal station.
  • Her secret dream is to sing in a theater with the musical compositions her mother wrote.
  • Out of all Winx members, Musa is the only Winx member to have the most Enchantix convergence spell or to be included in it.
  • Musa is the only Winx in Sirenix form to not have a named “punch” spell released from her hand.
  • As revealed in "The Alligator Man" and "Mermaids on Earth", Musa's weakness is dissonance.
  • As mentioned in "Peter Pan's Son", Musa cannot sleep with the lights on.
  • In Issue 162: Musa's Idol, it is revealed that her idol is Taylor Swan.
  • Musa's first DuArt voice actor, Kate Bristol, also voices LingLing IronFan from Regal Academy, which is also another show created by Rainbow.
    • Coincidentally, LingLing IronFan bears some resemblance with Musa.
  • Her voice actress from Season 8, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, also voices Miele and Elena. In the spin off series, World of Winx, she voices Evans and Madelyne.
  • In Season 8, like with other Winx, Musa's catchphrase is "Let's turn it up."
  • She has a sweet-tooth, chocolate cupcakes with lots of sprinkles are her favorite.[2]
  • The song We Are a Symphony is what sets her mind free.[3]