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Musa's Guardian of Sirenix is one of the Guardians of Sirenix featured in Season 5 and 6.


She has red hair that are tied up into a ponytail with a pale blue hair tie. She has pale red-white skin with purple eyes, and purple eyelashes and a pale blue shell on her forehead. She wears a pale blue and red shell-shaped top with violet ribbons on her arms. She also has a red tail.


She is wise about music, which was evident when she asked Musa what her mother told her about music: Music must be felt and it also has keys.


Season 5

The Guardian assists Musa.

In "Secret of the Ruby Reef," she is seen when Musa asks her about the next riddle. She tells that Musa has to think about what her mother said. She is also seen with the other guardians and Omnia to give Sirenix powers to the Winx.

In "Sirenix," she and the other Guardians used their power to open the Sirenix Gate.

Season 6

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In "Inspiration of Sirenix," she and the other Guardians were asked how Daphne could regain her Sirenix powers. They told the Winx that the only way in which Daphne's powers could be restored: The Inspiration of Sirenix.


  • She is the only Guardian not to have granted a Sirenix Wish.
  • She has the same voice actress as Nissa in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Out of all the Guardians of Sirenix, she is the most rarely seen as she only appeared three times.