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Mythix is the second Fairy Form introduced in Season 6. It is parallel to Bloomix.


In Season 6, the Winx search for magical artifacts to lock the Legendarium for good. In their search, they go to Tir Nan Og and attempt to acquire the Ancestral Wands. In doing do, they learn that long ago, seven Ancestral Fairies crossed over from the Legendarium World to the real word and spread their magic throughout all the worlds of the Magic Dimension, including the Earth. They brought with them seven Ancestral Wands which contain the Mythix power, which allows entry into the Legendarium World. However, one must not stay in the Legendarium World for too long, or else they will become fictional characters, stuck in the pages of the Legendarium forever.


The outfits are prom-like dresses and high heels or boots with ruffles and flowers in design. The outfits have bright color schemes and are not complicated. The boots are designed to match well with the outfits. The hair is tied, or curled, and decorated with a matching flower. Also, their wings are big and layered with sharp tips. Some of the fairies may gain tattoos.


In order to earn Mythix, a fairy must prove herself before the Ancestral Wands. In turn, the wand she receives will grant her Mythix.

Magical Abilities

Main article: Ancestral Wand

Mythix gives its users the ability to enter the Legendarium World, and also the ability to teleport themselves in and out of the Legendarium World. The Ancestral Wands grant their users the ability to summon projections of legendary clues by exclaiming "Mythix inisight" or "Mythix vision". The wands are also used as a homing device for the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear.

Ways to Acquire

Known Mythix Fairies



  • The name "Mythix" is derived from the word "myth".
  • Mythix is the first transformation to be first earned in the fourteenth episode of a season.
  • Unlike Sirenix, which was in both 2D and 3D, Mythix is only in 3D.
  • This is the first transformation that is seen only in 3D.
  • Unlike Sirenix, the Winx do not solely use Mythix once they earn it.
  • This is Stella's second transformation in which she used a scepter-like magical weapon. The first one is Winx with the Ring of Solaria.
  • This is Tecna's third transformation in which she does not wear pants or shorts. The first one is Sophix and second one is Harmonix.
  • This is Bloom's third transformation where her hair is in a red-dark orange color. The other transformations being Sirenix and Bloomix.
  • Musa's regains pigtails in this transformation.
  • Like Sirenix, each Winx transforms alone (except for Musa).
  • Stella is the only fairy to wear boots in her Mythix form.
  • This is the first transformation in which the fairies carry a magical item as a weapon.
  • This is one of the many transformations where Bloom's Great Dragon appears, with the others being Enchantix, Believix, and Sirenix.
  • Bloom and Stella are the only Winx to cast a spell without their wand.
  • This is the third Fairy Form In which Bloom's hair turns dark red, with the first being Sirenix and the second being Bloomix.
  • Musa never entered the Legendarium World alone.
  • Musa is the only Mythix fairy that was never shown to have any spoken spell.
  • Eldora does not have a transformation sequence or a proper Mythix outfit.
  • This is the first transformation in which the Winx shrink. The second is Tynix.
  • Part of Tecna’s transformation sequence resembles those from Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal.
  • Flora is the only Winx to have a transition to her transformation sequence.
  • The miniaturization ability of both Mythix and Tynix is similar to the additional Enchantix power of miniaturization.
    • However, Tynix is able to shrink fairies down to a microscopic level whilst the miniaturization power and Mythix shrink fairies down to a relatively bigger size.

Transformation Sequences

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