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Nabu is a character from the Winx Club series. His first appearance was in "A Trap for Fairies". He was Aisha's love interest, and later fiancée.


Nabu has a tan complexion, with very long, brown hair tied into a single braid and has deep blue eyes.


In Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4, his clothing bears a close resemblance to traditional Chinese clothing but lacked the silky designs. He wears a purple turtle neck, elbow-length tunic that is decorated with yellow stripes. The tunic actually extends further down to the knee, outlined with thick, yellow lines and is split open on both sides. He has a thick red cloth tied onto his waist, purple sweats, and white shoes. This outfit also serves as his wizard outfit.

In Season 4, he wears a white shirt inside and a purple and dark blue shirt with buttons, beige pants and white sneakers. His hair is cut shorter (chest length) and is braided into two tails.


Despite his isolated childhood, Nabu is very social and friendly. He is upbeat, fun and enjoys life to its fullest. But he is also daring and intelligent, seeing as he ran away from home because he disapproved of the arranged marriage and even located Aisha and spied on her to know what she was like.

Nabu is a patient, kind, honest, understanding and rational person; he also does not get jealous. He shares these traits with Helia and both mediate between their friends who are having conflicts with their significant other, and especially Riven, whose personality is the opposite. Unlike Helia however, he is not shy. His patience is demonstrated when the Winx (especially Aisha) and Specialists were suspicious of him because he snunk onto their spaceship. He patiently waited for the group to trust him and did not push them to do so. Nabu is also very true to himself and sticks to his beliefs, which included marrying someone he loved.

He is capable in adapting to situations and is a quick and rational thinker. Shown when he quickly thought of an excuse when the girls caught him spying on them and when he easily removed the shackles (due to the group's suspicions) and protected Aisha from a winged centaur. Nabu's language of love is words of affirmation; he enouraged Riven to show his love for Musa through words. The complete opposite of Helia's.

Nabu is also very selfless and caring, seeing as he had sacrificed his own life for the Earth Fairies.

In the comics, he is shown to be naive, as a result as his isolated childhood, as shown with his relationship with Helisia and how he is even engaged to her, despite already dating Aisha, much to her chagrin.

Magical Abilities

Nabu, finding a way to heal Duman.

He is a wizard from Andros. His weapon of choice is a magic staff which seems to amplify or channel (or both) his magical power. His magic is purple in color. 

Nabu has demonstrated his range, versatility and power in magic. His true source of power was never stated, but has shown to affect all sorts of materials, objects and even people. He can disappear, create clones of himself, solidify materials such as plants, form defensive shields, manipulate and transform objects, strengthen a car engine and many more.

Alongside his mystical abilities, he also knows self defense tricks which he learned from the security guards. He applies these tactics with magic, further demonstrating Nabu's great range of skills. He has shown these examples to Riven after the latter expressed his curiosity. He is also shown to be proficient in espionage.

Because he too can duplicate himself, Nabu can easily distinguish between clones and the real person. This was showcased when Darcy unleashed her duplicates to confuse him, Nabu followed suit and quickly deduced which one was real.

Uses of Magic


  • Nabu's name was derived from that of the Babylonian God of Wisdom and Writing and the Patron of the Scribes of Babylonian Mythology, Nabu. He is the son of Marduk, the Supreme God of the Babylonians, his sacred city was at Borsippa and was associated with the planet Mercury. The reed pen and the clay table are his symbols.
  • The name Nabu uses as alias in Season 3, comes from the name of a place mentioned in the Bible, Ophir. The real location of Ophir is unknown and there is speculation it was in Africa or South America or India.


  • Nabu is not technically one of the Specialists since he did not attend Red Fountain.
  • Unlike Sky, Nabu liked the girl his parents arranged him to marry.
  • He is the second person to single-handily defeat and end an enemy's life. The first was Bloom, who doused Valtor's own flame and caused his death.
  • Nabu was the first main protagonist to die.
  • Nabu was seen alive at the Frutti Music Bar in some Season 5 promotional material but this was not the case when the series aired.