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Naoki is one of the talents who appears in World of Winx. He is a genius in technology like Tecna. He is one of the few talents that the Winx had discovered to not have been kidnapped.



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Super Naoki

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Naoki tends to show off, often exaggerating his experiences in order to draw attention. He is quite the excitable person, even in the midst of dangerous situations. His interests are science fiction and supernatural things, which is one of the reasons why he was more excited than shocked when he learned of the Winx's fairy heritage. Because he likes to show off, he tends to forget that he could endanger himself and others around him. Though he is far from ignorant of this fact, especially when he is reminded of the consequences.

In truth, his only wish is that people would notice him for his talents, as it is implied that he is often ignored or shunned. Therefore, he feels lonely and used to find comfort in his animatronic friends. Overall, Naoki is a good person, willing to help no matter what, such as agreeing to be bait in order to draw out the Crocodile Man.

Because Naoki is a technological genius, he is very talented at hacking and manipulating robots and other gadgets, even fixing the broken radar on the Winxmobile.

World of Winx

Season 1

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Naoki is first seen aboard a boat in New York City, sitting alone. He fails to impress a girl he finds cute, feeling dejected he looks out to the sea when he notices two kids play with remote control boats. He hacks the boats and plays with them instead, that is until he notices a large crocodile. He captures the creature onto video and when he is about to tell them all, he misses his chance as someone else, in a panic, screams out what he saw. He is then dejected again when no one realizes, nor cares, that he saw it first. He is then shown on TV when reporters interview the eyewitness of the large crocodile. This is when the Winx sense that he is their next talent.

Naoki is then targeted by the Crocodile Man and the Winx save him from the kidnapping attempt. However, because the Crocodile Man still continued to chase him, he flees somewhere safe but he drops a flyer to the science fiction museum he loves. He also repairs the broken radar on the Winxmobile so that the Winx could find him in said museum.

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  • Naoki is one of two talents to be targeted by the Crocodile Man. The other being Sophie.
    • He is also the only one out of the pair kept safe from the Crocodile Man.