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Nasser, or as his employees call him, Mister Nasser, is the head of a deforestation company. He is so far, the only known cause for the destruction of the Amazonian Rain Forest.


Nasser is fairly short and rather porky in size. He is slightly tan, has a pronounced chin and a mole next to one of his eyes. He wears a small, black framed, round sunglasses and a ivory fedora hat that has a brown band on it.

He wears white gloves, a simple light yellow business suit, light blue long-sleeved collared shirt underneath and tan boots.


Nasser is arrogant, selfish and ignorant. He likes pinning the blame on people without taking account to his own faults. He lacks respect for anyone who does not work for him or is against him. Like most big shots, he talks big and turns aggressive if his agendas and goals are thwarted. But quickly turns cowardly if he no longer has the upper hand.

Despite these traits, it would appear that he does show some care for his fellow employees. He had given his other employees a day off to rest after their encounter with the Amazonian Fairies and the Winx.


Season 4


Nasser laughs at the existence of fairies.

After hearing multiple stories from his employees about fairies inhabiting the Amazonian Forest and their threat, Nasser finally comes to check out what they were talking about. While driving with his crew whose friends had told them about the nature fairies, he assures them that their friends just needed to rest. He believes that the natives are the ones behind this and starts working on cutting down the rain forest again.

His work threatens Nature's life essence as well as the Amazonian Fairies. When he is confronted by Diana and her fairies, he just mocks their display of superiority and "magic". He is less than impressed and looks down on them, since they have been severely weakened by the deforestation. He orders his men to tie the fairies up and was about return to work when the Winx and Specialists arrive. He once again, mocks both groups and orders his men to take care of them.


Nasser surrenders.

He watches as his men are subdued by the Specialists and it infuriates him. He rush off somewhere and comes back to the Nymph Waterfalls, where everyone else is, and charges at Diana, exclaiming that this is his forest. Just as he is about strike her with a shovel the tribal leader stops him and knocks the shovel off his hands. Seeing as he now completely defenseless, Nasser quickly surrenders. He is then cuffed and it is then learned that he had destroyed the natives' village. He is then handed over to the authorities by the natives and Diana.


  • Nasser's name is Arabic and means "victorious".
    • Other spellings: Nassar (meaning helper, protector, supporter, victory-maker) and Nassa.
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