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A Nemesis is a magical creature introduced in Season 2 of World of Winx.


A Nemesis is an advanced type of Shadow Creature created by Tinkerbell with a specific person and their most exploitable weakness in mind. As such, a Nemesis' sole purpose is to exploit the weakness of the person they were created to destroy. Acting as either the embodiment of the person's internal struggles and insecurities or the physical opposite to their powers and skills, a Nemesis gleefully seeks to bring about the destruction of their "light counterpart": a desire that is seemingly instilled into a Nemesis starting from their conception and carried out after birth by their creator, Tinkerbell. Even if a Nemesis' loyalties do not lie with Tinkerbell like in the case of Vertigo, they will still seek out their "light counterpart" to destroy them with no qualms.

Their powers vary, ranging from void creation to petrification, but are dependent on the materials used to create them, as well as the weakness they were created to exploit. Additionally, unlike Tinkerbell's Shadow Creatures, a Nemesis is capable of free thought.

Known Nemeses

World of Winx

Season 2

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The birth of Vertigo, Bloom's Nemesis.

The first Nemesis seen in the series is Vertigo at the end of the episode "Neverland," after being created through the use of a stone pendant, an incantation and a bit of Bloom's essence stored within a Shadow Monster.


  • A nemesis is considered to be one's archenemy or a person considered to be one driven to bring about the downfall of another; namely the hero or protagonist of a story.
    • The word can also be used to describe the opposite of a character who is typically more sinister in nature.
  • Only half of the Nemeses' creation processes are seen on-screen.
    • Vertigo, who was created using a stone pendant, a piece of Bloom's essence held within a Shadow Monster and an incantation.
    • Banshee, who was created from the dark energy emanating from a stalagmite in Tinkerbell's Lair.
    • Stoney, who was created from nearby stones in Tinkerbell's sanctuary.
      • Therefore, it is unknown how Obscura, Sinka, and Virus were created and what materials were used to do so.